Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spectacular Side Dishes.

I've been cooking more and more lately.  From main dishes, to side dishes - and I've come across a side dish that is easy, tasty, and somewhat good for you.  Somewhat, because they're made with real butter and sea salt.
Which, really, isn't good for you.    Okay, on with the food!

Start with a pound of fresh green beans:


Snap the ends off, and rinse them well.   Make sure to drain them well, otherwise it will water down the butter and garlic.


Add butter, garlic and any other seasonings you may want, to taste:
(I use Kate's 100% Pure Sea Salted Butter and minced garlic - fresh when I have it, but jarred when I don't)


Here's a trick I learned - AFTER this batch:


Put the garlic in last, then it won't burn and will season the butter AND green beans.
Here's is your finished product!


The perfect side dish for any meal, I mean any.  This time?  I used them as a side dish to baked pork chops.  Which I don't really care for, but I'm really proud of the way they came out.


Jessi said...

That was my very first Menu Monday!!! Great minds think alike. It's actually my favorite side...

J. Burke said...

Those green beans look fantastic! Yummy!

Amy said...

LMAO! Jessi!! That's fantastic! I've never thought of adding celery salt, I'll try that next time.

Jo, it is my most favorite side dish EVER - so easy, and if you don't go out of control with butter, it CAN be healthy (well, ier) LMFAO

Anonymous said...

For someone who couldn't boil water a few years ago til now... amazing!!! And those look SUPER tasty!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

I KNOW !!!! I'm getting there right!?!?