Thursday, May 20, 2010

So my Dog ran away last night ...

Before I start this - Dexy is home, and safe - a little wet, cold and dirty when she got home - but home, and safe none-the-less.

Here's what happened:  (a la Monk)

We let our dogs out, to do their business, without leashes, without fencing - we allow them to wander in our yard, and do their thing.  With Pixie losing her sight, rather rapidly at that, we've had to take more time with her, to ensure her safety.  Not that we mind, she is our baby, and needs our help - so we do it ... we carry her up and down stairs, we leave our furniture where it is, and the stairs (For Emily's safety as well as hers) are gated, no one can go up or down without opening those gates, and thankfully, Emily hasn't figured it out yet.

Last night, while Emi and I were on our way home, Mike let the girls out - as he turned his back on Dexy, to help Pixie up the stairs, Dexy bolted.  Now, normally, she'd come back after being called for, and since it was raining, we didn't think she'd be gone for long.

I got a call on my cell phone, "Um, Dexy really ran away, I don't know where she is, or where to even look - but I'm out walking down the road looking for her, be careful when you get home."   NOT Entirely a conversation you want to have when you're driving down the highway, especially in the rain, with a small child in the back seat.

Upon arriving home, I send Emily into the house, to go Potty, take off her shoes, and watch some cartoons.  Mike's still walking down the road, and I'm tromping through our yard (which, if you haven't seen it?  It's 3/4s woods and trees) in the rain, wearing big, chunky boots, jeans that are too long for my short self, calling for my 13 pound dog - that has 6 teeth.   Mike gets in the van and decides to do some tours of the neighborhood and surrounding area, hoping he'll see her trotting up the road or sniffing in some bushes.  No luck.  After 20 minutes of him riding around, he comes home to see if I've seen her.  I put Emily in the van with Daddy, I couldn't just - sit at home and hope, without being out there looking.

I walked our neighborhood (it's one mile, total) knocked on neighbors doors, gave descriptions of the dog, when she went missing, where she was when she went missing, and asked if they'd let me know - if/when/where - they'd seen her.   A few of our neighbors went out looking, stopped eating dinner, got in their cars, walked their dogs, just - helped.  I was honestly, shocked.  We don't know a lot of our neighbors, they are new, or keep to themselves.  I was touched, and amazed at the help we received.

After calling the police in two towns (we're on the border of two towns) to see if anyone had reported seeing her, and having the local cops come out and look with us (again, amazing) we decided to take Emily home - get her warmed up, fed and ready for bedtime.  While one of us still walked around and called for Dex.  On the phone with my mom, making Emily's dinner, I found a new resolve.  I was not going to rest until my dog was home, safe and sound.

I finished making Emily dinner, and went onto the deck - I started shaking the bag of dog food, calling out to her, telling her it was time to eat, time for bed - anything I could think of to get her to come home.  Not in an angry way, in a scared - concerned way.  I'd like to think anyway.  I went back inside to check on Emily, not one to leave her alone as she eats - and turned around to see Dexy FLYING across the backyard, out of the woods.  I opened the door, called her over, and talked to her, coaxed her into the house - she was scared, dirty - like filthy - wet, completely soaked - she came in, I closed the door behind her, and let Mike know she was okay, and home.

Completely angry with her for running away in the first place, but so relieved to have her home, I got into the van, and drove around the neighborhood to let the neighbors know that she was home, safe and to thank them again for helping us.  We called both police stations and let them know as well.

The things we do for our pets ... UGH!   I could have screamed I was so happy to have her home.  I fell to my knees and hugged her tight when I got home, told her how naughty she was, and how incredibly happy we were to have her home.  From that point on, she was leashed when it was time to go out.

Today?  I have blisters on both feet, my legs hurt, my back hurts, my rear end hurts - you'd swear I'd run a marathon!!  But Dexy is safe, at home, and snuggling with Pixie I'm sure.

At this point, it is important for me to thank Jo.   I was texting with her - at times completely incoherently - as I was walking, knocking on doors, and calling out for Dexy.  I don't think I would have been able to accomplish all I did, without her.    Thank you Jo!   Even though I wasn't coherent, you did help me stay calm(ish) :) LOL

The Escape Artist


Jessi said...

Whew! That was scary. Glad she's safe.
"Escape Artist... 6 teeth..." LMFAO

Amy said...

LOL I can joke now, but I was a mess - seriously, a mess. Damn Dog!


J. Burke said...

You are MOST welcome! See? The woods. ;) Love ya!