Thursday, May 13, 2010

Please Read and Sign this petition ... if you want to :)

My last blog touched on friends that had a devastating weekend - Since they weren't my stories to share, I wasn't going to ... until now, and I'll only share one.  I'm sharing this one, not to spread the sadness and add to her grief, but because I too agree with what she is doing - to turn her pain into action.

I got a text message Sunday morning, a notification that my Facebook had an update.   I only have a few friends on FB that I follow with my phone (it drains my battery something wicked.) - Jo is one of those friends.  I read that she was concerned about her dog, Allie.  Saturday morning she had ingested some mole poison they had put in the backyard - and buried.  Thinking the heavy wood would be deterrent enough to keep Nosey Allie out of the hole - they went about their business. 

After hours, agonizing hours, of Allie being at the Emergency Vet for care, she passed away at 10:04pm, Sunday night. 

Knowing Jo as I do, this loss isn't just another 'pet' ... Jo cares for her animals, like no one I know.  These dogs are her children, and to have one lost - at 14 months old, for what turns out to be a veterinary mistake - is more than heartbreaking.

Jo has turned her pain and anguish into anger, and started an online petition to stop the use of strychnine (the poison that killed Allie) in products used around people and animals.  Unknown to me, and I'm sure many other people, there is no treatment or cure for strychnine poisoning.  At All.   For people or pets.   That scares me.   I have 2 small dogs, a small cat, and a small child (of course, they are no more important than the other, I love them all the same - I know, what mom can say that?!  A Mom like me.  To love one more than the other?  It's not in me)

Please, if you love your pets, or children, or both - as much as I, and Jo do - please read the attached petition and sign it, and if you are so inclined, please pass it on.  Together, we can send a message - and save lives.

RIP Allie Marie, your missed every second Sweet Girl.

Online Petition
Online Petition


J. Burke said...

Thank you so much for sharing this, Amy. It touches my heart. Allie's death was so senseless, both by the vet's mistake and the fact that this product's poison has no counteracting drug available. It's one of the most toxic poisons on the market. I sat telling my husband just last night - If nothing becomes of this petition, that's fine, because at least people are being educated about strychnine. People who, before, had no idea of the devastating effects of this poison, on both people and animals alike. So attained knowledge about it is enough to shine Allie's memory and enough to ease my mind.

Amy said...

<3 anything I can do to help you ease the loss, consider it done love. I'll be telling everyone I know <3