Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My baby is growing up!!

Emily had her "Three Year Check Up" (or, wellness visit) Monday.  I am so proud of the way she handled it, I can't even begin to tell you.

Usually, she cries the minute we stop to turn into the driveway, and continues to cry until the minute we leave.  And that is no exaggeration.  Like her mommy, she hates having her feet touched (unless it's a pedicure) and hates to have her ears looked at.

THIS time, however, she didn't even whimper as we pulled in ... didn't even whimper when they called her name ... didn't even whimper when they measured her (36 1/2 inches tall!!), weighed her (29.4 lbs!), did a hearing test (yep, they touched her ears!!) a vision test, asked her a bunch of questions, which she could answer properly, and promptly.   Nope, not a whimper, not a tear .. and when we had to put on a Johnny?



Nothing!   Like a champ, she stripped down and put it on and patiently waited for the doctor to come in.

She let him look in her eyes, ears, mouth, nose - the whole thing.   Counted her fingers, her toes, checked her tummy, her legs, her arms ... and then, drama.

See you, as a parent, spend your time teaching your kids that no one is allowed to touch, or see, their body - they are to keep their clothes on, and not show "themselves" to anyone.  Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, guardians, are okay to help them in the bathroom when they need it, and bathe them when they need it - but otherwise, that's your body, and no one has the right to it.

So funny, we forget to add DOCTORS.   So, when he went to make sure everything was okay - there - she flipped,  "NO!  That's my body, you're not allowed to touch my body!!!"  We calmed her down, and while praising her for being right, explained that Doctors are okay, as long as their making sure everything is okay (IE infections, how things are forming (or what not) and to see if you're "wiping" properly) - she stopped squirming and yelling long enough to finish her examine.

She's Perfect.  She even peed in a cup for the first time!!  And her pee? (LMAO I know, gross right?) well, it's perfect too.

Upon leaving the office, after receiving her FIVE Stickers - usually it's only 3, but because she did SUCH an amazing job - they gave her a couple extra - we were walking through the parking lot (Stop, look both ways, when it's safe - hold mommy's hand and cross) she looked up at me and said:

E:  I'm bigger.
M: Yep, you sure are!
E:  Yeah, I'm a big girl, you know what that means Momma?
M: Um, what's that mean Em?
E:  I can say bad words!!  Because I'M bigger!
M: While stifling laughter:  Well, no Emi, that's not what that means - you need to remember those words you hear that are "bad words" are also, ADULT words, and until you're an adult, you can't use that sort of language.   Have you noticed Mommy doesn't use bad language around you?  That's because you have little ears, yes, they are bigger - but not quite big enough.
E:  SIGH.   So, when am I an adult then?
M:  Giggling, not for a while <3

Yep, My Baby, is Growing Up!

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Jessi said...

So cute. I love the pic of her in the gown. She is such a peanut ;)