Monday, May 24, 2010

Planning our Summer Vacation(s)

This year, instead of taking a week off and spending it all in one place - we've decided to take day trips, visit local touristy places - and instead, enjoy the state we live in.   Things that are inexpensive, or free, highlighted by things that we've always wanted to do - but haven't (before this year) had the time, or energy, to do.

Now, of course, our summer's going to be punctuated with yard work, and silly things at home - because this way, we can enjoy each other, and our home.

On our list of things to do/see/experience (among others I'm sure) - The Mt. Washington Auto Road (the one where they drive, the van wouldn't make it LMAO), The Isles of Shoals Steamship Company, The Science & Nature Center at the Seabrook Nuclear Plant, Odiorne Point State Park, The Squam Lake Natural Science Center in Holderness, The Spalding Inn in Whitefield, Strawberry Banke - eventually, we will visit each of these places, this year we're at least visiting the Mt. Washington Auto Road, the Seabrook Nuclear Plant Science & Nature Center, the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company, The Spalding Inn and Odiorne Point State Park, which has the Seacoast Science Center inside.   Not to mention the lakes - we WILL be boating.

There are 2 programs that I'm aware of put on by Citadel Broadcasting company - The Half Off Fun Club and The Buyers Club.  Each week (every Tuesday and Friday I think) a new deal is offered.   They are gift certificates - for half the price.  Now, they SAY there are no fees, but to be honest with you - there is a 3.75 fee for each purchase, not each gift certificate, just each purchase.   They call it 'Shipping & Handling'; however they mail it first class mail, with a 44 cent stamp - Odd.  Either way, we got one hundred dollars worth for the Isles of Shoals, for 53.75 (with fee) and the Mount Washington Auto Road is a fifty dollar gift certificate for 28.75 (with fee) ... still, so much more affordable than the whole dollar value. 

Here are a few links - as we complete our Day Trip Checklist, be on the lookout for blogs - with pictures, to detail our adventures!!   This summer, Every Mile will INDEED be A Memory (or seven thousand!)

All in all ... It sounds like a fantastic summer, hopefully - it works out as we've planned, in the past - nothing ever works out when you plan it.  We may end up taking some cash out of the ATM, packing a lunch - and just, driving. See where we land.

Hope you all enjoy looking at what we're planning - and again, if you know of any place in our area (inexpensive would be great) that Emily, or we, would enjoy - please, feel free!   We're SO Open for suggestions!


J. Burke said...

Those are the best kinds of trips! I love getting in the car and just driving. Have your camera with you (though I know you will). Sounds like a lot of fun!

Jessi said...

I love Sqaum Lakes Science Center. It's one of my favorites...

Clarks Trading Post (a classic) is another favorite of mine... and the POLAR CAVES. All worth a visit

Amy said...

Our favorite kinds of trips too Jo. Of COURSE I'll have the digital AND the 35 mm!!!

We took Emi to Clarks last year - she LOVED It. Especially the train and the bears. I think we'll add the Polar Caves to the list!

Thanks Love!! <3