Thursday, March 11, 2010

What happens when Daddy's at work ...

is secret, and fun, and more than she can handle!

Daddy has taken a second job, to help with some expenses we weren't counting on (snow blower repair from the winter, a flat tire - that needed a new sensor {Love all the new hi-tech crap in cars today}, over 400 dollars worth of food from 2 freezers and the fridge that we lost when we had no power for 5 days ... and a few other bills we weren't anticipating) which means, Mommy & Emi have a ton of fun together, and daddy - sadly - misses out :(  It's not permanent, only a temporary thing .. and necessary, because he doesn't want MOMMY to get the second job, even though I've offered time and time again.

With the weather getting warmer, and the days getting longer - it's getting harder and harder to put Emily to bed at a "decent hour" ... what starts at 7pm - the bedtime routine of brushing our teeth, combing our hair, washing our hands and face, getting into our jammies, reading stories and giving hugs & kisses to say good night (and yes, we do this all together, what Mommy {or daddy} does, Emi does too).  As if we weren't having enough trouble with her and this particular time of night, the added bonus of the sunlight has been helping immensely (note the sarcasm??) often runs until 8 or 8:30pm each night.

Now, don't get me wrong -- I LOVE the longer days, it means I'm not going home in the dark, and we can play outside before dinner ... however, the fights it helps cause with the small one, aren't as much fun as you'd think.   She's a feisty little one that minion!  And it's almost not worth the fight, almost.

So, while daddy has been hard at work (either working side jobs - anyone need any heating work??  or at J&J's .. great food, cute cook!) Mommy and Emi have been making memories, and enjoying our time together before bed.  Sometimes, even though I swore I'd never do it - I lay in our bed with Emily and watch TV until she drifts off to sleep.  It usually doesn't take long, and though I let her lay there for a little while after she falls asleep, I don't do it as often as other parents.  She has a bed, of her own, that she loves and fits snuggly into - we have our bed, that is our space, that she knows she can't ALWAYS sleep in it.

Some of the things we do together, were captured on my camera phone.  Not the greatest photos, but fun to look at none the less.

Eating Dessert - a lollipop that is bigger than her head!  
(Thanks Auntie Jo & Uncle Tommy!!!)
Not all in one sitting either, can you say cavities and belly-ache-city??

Laughing ... sorry it's so dark!!

Making Funny Faces for the Camera 

Eating a hot fudge brownie sundae at J&J's 
(or Daddy's work .. that's downstairs from Momma's)
Yep, that's two spoons in that "little" mouth of hers!!

Good Night Kisses and Love Filled Squidges

I'm sorry I haven't been writing often, I promise to change that as soon as I can.  It's been a battle with focusing, especially with the gorgeous weather, JUST beyond my window!

<3 Thanks for Reading!!

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Jessi said...

Yay, an update!

I love the pictures!
Ahem, any idea if sugar could be prolonging the bedtime rebellion?
She's too darn cute, that's the problem.