Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Paging Dock-a Emily. Dock-a Emily?

Emily will be three in a matter of weeks.  Literally, weeks.

It's amazing to me, the way life passes so quickly.  Take it from me - when someone says to you "Enjoy it while you can, time passes too fast to process" or "Enjoy it as you get it, they grow up way to fast" ... It's true.

While the process of pregnancy, specifically the end, seems to drag on for ever - the actual act of having a child, in your arms - after either natural birth or c-section - is unlike anything I've ever experienced, and I wish everyone could experience it - just once.   Okay, so maybe not EVERYONE, I mean, there are some people - even some who HAVE kids - that maybe SHOULDN'T have them - not that I'm one to judge.  I'm getting off track here.

Emily is at the age, that perfect age, where she plays alone.  Engages in play with other kids - her age, older and even younger.   She's amazing at "pretend" ... she loves to dress up, she loves to play with fake food, acting like a waitress, and a cook, among other things.   For Christmas this year, Santa gave her a dress up trunk full of princess clothes - shoes, jewelry, dresses - we added old Halloween costumes, a Doctors kit ... we're also going to be adding other things - specifically a doctors outfit, complete with a smaller version for her  Barbie.  I know, it's fantastic.

When she was home sick a couple weeks ago, daddy wasn't feeling well either.  She took her little doctors kit, and settled into Daddy's chair with him.  The following is a "condensed" version of the conversation they had.

Emily:  Hello Daddy.
Daddy:  Hi there Em.
E:  Not feelin so good ta-day?
D: No, I have a bug in my belly, just like you did.
E:  Tha's no good Dada.  no good, at all.
D: Sigh, I know.  What can you do?
E:  Well, I can take a look, ifya want?
D: Sure, I think that's a great idea.
E:  Good thing I brought my kit!   Open Up! 

She proceeds to listen to his heart with her stethoscope, and stick a fake thermometer under daddy's arm, and turns the dial ... 

E: Oh No Dada, it says your a sad guy.
D: What do you mean?  I'm a Sad Guy??  That's not good!?!
E: Is ok, I'll hewp you, I have mebicine right here.  Now, howd stiww.
D: What?  Hold still?  I thought I was going to have medicine?!

at this point, she reaches out her little hand and proceeds to give him a fake shot.


D:  HEY!   That hurt!!  W A H A H A H .....
E:  Oh shhhhhh, it's ok - I kiss it ... (she bends down and plants a kiss on his arm)
D: Sniffle, that's a little better.

she takes the thermometer back out and proceeds to take his temperature again, this time clicking the dial to the sun and happy face ...


E:  See, you all bettah.  MmHmmm, Dock-A Em-ly make you bettah!   Now, you tha happeh face!
D: Oh, Thank you Doctor Emily!


Perhaps, this is the start of a new career? 
What?  A mother can dream, can't she?

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