Monday, March 22, 2010

Nursing a Sick Minion ...

As you may, or may not, have noticed - I have been lacking in the writing department.  I apologize.   Since we still don't have internet at home - the only time I get to enjoy it, is here at work.  Last week, I was in my office on Tuesday - Mike decided to stay home with Emily, so that I could get some things done at work.  Wednesday, we dropped her off at Daycare, and hoped she would last the entire day.  She didn't.  I picked her up, around 2:30, 3pm, and headed home.  

Poor baby, she had an alternating fever, and icky belly, since Monday of last week  -  off and on for the ENTIRE week.  Ranging from as low as 99.1 to as high as 102.9 - it was one of the roughest weeks, since she was an infant.   Nothing helped - the lukewarm baths, the tylenol (she couldn't alternate with the Motrin, because of her tummy) ... we had a doctors appointment, finally - on Thursday afternoon, and had every test imaginable, to determine just what was causing her fever.  We found nothing.  She had the "nasty stomach flu virus" that has been making it's rounds lately.   The fever?  Not a part of that, just an added bonus for my benefit it seems.

After yet another sleepless night, Emily and I got up, ran to the ATM - paid for daycare - because yes, even though she wasn't there for the ENTIRE week, we had to pay for it - and then had breakfast at J&J's.  My mom was home sick that day too, and she never misses work for a sick day.  The virus?  Is that nasty.   I hope none of you get it.  Ever.

While we were home, we had some good "project time" ... where we made crafty things, and some good snuggle time - we watched "Hook" about a MILLION times, as well as a few other silly movies - my personal favorite "Bedtime Stories" - of which we watched 18 minutes - and she fell asleep.  ;)  Next time, we'll remember what makes her sleepy.

It appears as if she's over the worst, and is back to daycare today, thankfully - though it seems that Daddy may be the next victim of this lovely 'bug' ... anyway, that's what I've been up to for the last week, once I get caught up here at work - I'll post again.

Love ya all!!

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Jessi said...

Oh, poor baby! Get better soon!