Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bloggers Block

Have you ever had a day, or several days strung in a row really, where you can sit, and stare at a blank screen, or blank sheet of paper - you know you have to write, you know you have something to say - and that it'll be profound - to ... someone - yet, you can't?

You know there's something there, something begging to be told - a story, a memory, a moment - and just when you start to write it out, it jets away.  Buries itself deep in the recess of your mind, and laughs at you - tormenting you with flashes, and brief recollection.  Nasty bugger.

I've had a month like that, well, just about a month.   Ever since I said New Month, New Outlook?  Yep.  Can't think of a single thing worth writing about.  Not one thing I think anyone would be interested in.  I mean, there are things - memories, stories, silly things - but I can't seem to recall a single one.  How does that happen?  More so, why does it happen?  Especially when I really NEED to write, I NEED to focus my attention on something worthy of it.   Gotta love it!

To find inspiration, in an attempt to beat this bloggers block, I have been pouring through my hard drive, external hard drive and photo bucket accounts ... looking at photos, remembering the circumstances surrounding the picture, and then it hits me.  I haven't taken my camera with me, in 3 weeks.  I don't have my extension.  It's at home, plugged in, empty.  Void of photos.  Not only do I have bloggers block, I have photographers block.  I need some quality photo taking time.

Apparently, my new month, new outlook has fallen victim to my SAD funk, and it angers me.  Angers me enough - that this evening, I'll be taking a walk, with camera, small one, and possibly the dogs (if it's not too cold - Pixie won't move in certain temperatures) ... and I'm going to snap away.  I'm also going to hopefully, continue losing pant sizes.  I'd enjoy it immensely if I lost maybe 2 more.  Happy I've lost the one, and am greedy to give away more.

I appreciate, faithful readers, that you have stuck by me in my funk time.  And I do promise, I shall be back to blogging ... fun ... things in the near future.

For now, I bid you adieu, heh, that word always makes me laugh.

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Jessi said...

I was going to tell you that pictures help... then you said it yourself. Meme's help too, especially when you want to say something (because for those who write it's their therapy). Other times, cut yourself some slack and just sit with the block.

I started my day of the week blogs due to a long period of block.

Take your time. We'll wait patiently.