Friday, October 30, 2009

.. The Angsty Squirrel ..

My blog wouldn't be fair, if I didn't include those friends I met online .. well to be completely honest, that I have yet to actually "meet" .. however, whom I still consider the best friends I've ever had.   And I mean that for really realz, not even for fakey fakez.

I'll start with my TAPS friends, because, well, without one of them, this blog entry wouldn't have a title!  And also because it is in fact almost Halloween, and well - Halloween + Ghosts = Well, you know, pretty much heaven ~  HA!  Get it? .. no?  Just me then?  OK - well, moving on......

Anywho, this one's for you - CT, Ghsty, LdyG, Angel-O-Mine, SG, WEEEEW - and the rest of you goofs over there.

I used to make fun of people (Shocker, Right?) who spent all their time online, spending hours upon hours making friends with people they've never laid eyes on, aside from a computer screen - including in that group, those who chatted with web cams.  Suffice it to say, over the years, I've met some amazing people - spending hours upon hours on the computer, chatting with people, and making friends with people I've never laid my eyes upon.

NOW, that's not to say that I don't still get a giggle when someone tells me they met their significant other via an online chat group, or forum, or game site (sorry peoplez, I really do giggle each time) - because for me - there is always a chance that these wonderful friends you're spending all your time with, sort of, in this new age, new fangled way, could turn out to be certifiably insane, there are still all sorts of news stories that make this a very real possibility.

MY Friends - though we are all certifiable in our own ways - I feel comfortable enough with, to say they're not THAT sort of certifiable.  At least, not yet.  hahaha.

Without this particular group of friends, I would never make it through a work day - and when one is missing, you can tell .. it's like there is something important missing in our routine, our chat flow is off (does that really exist, a chat flow .. well, if not, I'm patenting it.  and it does now) .. Now that I can text, I have the numbers of some of these great peoplez, and do talk with them (if you can call it that) outside of the TAPS forum, and off the chit chat thread, and not during work hours, on weekends even.

To this particular group of friends .. I want to say thank you - for listening to me bitch, complain, make horrible jokes, that only I (or some of us) laugh at, for laughing at me when I need it, and laughing with me when it helps - and most of all?   For loving me for me.   Because even through a computer screen, I can't hide this fabulousness.

Heh, Happy Haunting you bunch-a-ghouls.


(Yeah, I totally lifted that .. shhhh)

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SG said...

Angsty Squirrels untie! I so beyond carat three you! (((superglompsquidge)))