Thursday, October 29, 2009

Woooo Wooooo Wooooo

Halloween is probably my second favorite Holiday - Ever.

Christmas isn't even in my top 10, at least, not yet.

Don't get me wrong, there are things I enjoy about Christmas, however, there are more that I don't - that actually grate on my nerves like sandpaper .. not even the fine grit kind, the rough, tear your skin off if you slip whilst sanding, kick ass, get the job done kind.  Yeah, Like that.

However, this blog isn't about that wretched holiday, soon enough, it will be.

This year for Halloween, we're having a small party for Emily and some of her "friends" .. the oldest child we invited, is I believe 5, and the youngest is 10 months old :) (they are sisters) .. of the 11 kids we invited (12 total including Ms Pants herself) 5 are coming, 1 of those may not, (he's been sick lately, as has his entire family) and another I'm not entirely sure, we'll see - they've been going through a lot lately, and wouldn't blame them if they cocooned themselves inside their home and waiting for the weekend to pass, quietly --- HOWEVER, I would LOVE for them to come.

So we have a ton of stuff, enough for 12 kids, and we'll have 4, maybe 5, possibly 6 - there .. but you know what - it's going to rock.   It really is.  We're decorating the hallway and entry way, so that they have to come through the ACTUAL front door, and not the side door we usually use .. we have carved pumpkins, gel sticky things all over the windows, ghost lollipops, a haunted ginger bread house, goody bags, candy bags, games, crafts, food .. we're going insane.

As well as this little soiree we're having, Emily's daycare center is having one today, she'll be trick or treating tomorrow, with her friends from daycare, and after her party, she'll be trick or treating Saturday, and helping us hand out candy to any trick or treaters we have.   Lucky little devil!

I don't know that I'll have time tomorrow to blog again, so if I don't -- have a safe and Happy Haunting Halloween, and please, take pictures!    I know I will!!



Jessi said...

Halloween is my favorite.
Sounds like a fun party. Aaron and I better get going with the kids so we can get an invite to these ragers ;)

Amy said...

You can SO be invited, it's going to be mainly adults - though, no adult type activities .. :)

Happy Haunting!

SG said...

ok I'm coming over and I expect a goody bag! lolz

btw Ms. Pants = DIVA :D