Monday, October 26, 2009

Triscuit Pizzas and Paper Punchers

There comes a time, in every persons life, when they stop - and re-evaluate the people in it.

Aside from my lovely Jessi, I have few friends.  Well, to be clear, few people I call friends.

My aim with this blog, is to be happy, upbeat, and personal - though I know my first post was only one of those things - that being personal - my hope is, I can inspire those out there, like these people have inspired me.

This particular blog entry, is about another of my dear friends, without whom, my life would be empty.   She knows who she is by just reading the title, and I'm sure she's laughing, just as I was when I wrote it.

Almost 15 years ago, in the High School cafeteria, during Freshman orientation, I met a girl.  She was quiet (at the time) and seemed uncomfortable, as if she didn't feel like she belonged.  In my opinion, she seemed like me.

Let me tell you - 15 years later - that opinion was right on.   We've been friends, minus a few years she re-located, close friends, best friends, almost sisters even, ever since that day.

She was the first one other than family to hold Emily when she was born, she's the one I call when I need an ear, or email when the phones aren't an option.  Without her, I'd be a lot crazier than I am.

As time goes by, the memories of what a person has gone through, or grown up because of, dim.   They fade, the ones that held no life lessons often disappear entirely, and though it's not intentional, you forget.   You may try not to, you may "condition" yourself to remember what you hold dear, but often, it doesn't matter.  They're gone.   Of course, you'll always have glimpses, short spurts of times that you laughed like a child, or until your sides ached, or you cried.  Brief flashes of unbearable pain, or sadness.   Some of those quick moments that you've been scared - so scared you could hardly breathe.  They may come at the oddest times, the weirdest hours, and in the strangest form. 

A Movie Line.  A Book Title.  A Song Lyric.  A Phrase.

In my case, it came in the form of small crackers, with pizza sauce and cheese .. and a tool used in scrap booking, though, back when I had one - it was more for a form of vandalism, and immense laughter.

Andrea - you are my rock.  You are the reason I get through a lot of things, and though I tell you - I don't tell you often enough, thank you.  For being there for me, for having the words I NEED to hear, whether I like them or not, For Being You.

Here's to Triscuit Pizzas & Paper Punchers (often in funky shapes, ours was a cow)
I love you.

Don't Kill Me .. it's one of my favorites



Jessi said...

I remember her. she was a good egg.

Amy said...

Slightly cracked, but a good egg :) much like me, and you! :)

Anonymous said...

I remember you too Jessi!!! Long time no see!!! Ames.. you made me tear up when i read this.. I may not tell you often, but I apprecaite the hell out of you!! You are a constant reminder to me that there are people out there who I can rely on. I truly do Love you!!! :-)

Amy said...

<3 Love you too babes! :)