Monday, November 2, 2009

Pen Pals and PSP

I haven't been feeling "myself " lately .. and no, I don't mean it like THAT Jolene! .. For a few weeks before Rufus' passing, I started feeling .. down.  Almost, like I couldn't get myself fully awake in the morning, and I would suffer all day because of it.   I've since decided, this is inappropriate behavior and it must come to an end.

In my last entry, I focused my cyber-love on my Taps friends .. today, I'd like to focus on those friends from the many PSP groups, and the many years spanning that silly, now expensive, "stress buster" hobby of mine.  (have no fear, the Halloween Party post will be up soon .. I promise ..)

Those of you who don't PSP or know anything about it, or what it could be or do or what-have-you, won't understand the quote marks around the Stress Buster phrase.  Allow me to quickly delve into the crazy world that is my hobby.

PSP - or Paint Shop Pro, is one of the many graphics art programs out there, it's more popular than others, because while expensive, it's not nearly as expensive as some others - and it's (IMO) a little easier to get to know and use.  A lot of people use Photoshop, and this does the same thing - sort of.  I don't know all the ins and outs, or how it's all used, but what I DO know of it, I somewhat enjoy.

Now, I know I promised a "quick delve" but those of us that use this program, or do the PSP thing - know there isn't anything "quick" about it.   The "stress buster" portion of this program, for me, at least - comes when I've finished a "tag" and like it enough to give to a friend, or offer it up for request .. I've been doing this .. Tagging thing .. for nearly 5 years now (Can you believe it!?) and I still suck (IMO) as much today, as I did 5 years ago.

While I was investigating this program, and playing around with it for my "Free 60 day Trial" .. I happened upon some Groups in what was once the "place" to be on the internet - MSN Groups .. one of those groups, the very first one I ever joined, was Jazzy Jo's Tags .. we affectionately, still to this day, call it "Jazzy's" .. once there, after I had "lurked" for an undetermined amount of time, posting the necessary posts to remain a member .. I got comfortable enough to "make friends" .. and unbelievably, to myself, some of these people remain my very best friends to this day.

Three of which, I'd like to focus on for a bit.   All of which, live across the country (or South LOL) and are older than me, however, I still consider them like family.

The first of which is Kari --- Kari lives clear on the other side of the country in Washington State, has a gorgeous little girl named Sophia, and a wonderful husband named David.   Without Kari, there are things I know I would never have made it through.  Ever.  Without question, Kari has always been there .. whether it's on the phone, or through an IM or through the Emails .. or the wonders of Facebook and Myspace ... Kari has always been there.  She hasn't had the best time for her entire life, and had some issues of her own at times, and even still - she put mine first, at least, she always made me feel like she did - and I really have no doubt, it's what actually happened.   I love you Kari, now and always - Sisters forever.

Next, of my lovely three, is Ellen .. Ellen - there really are no words to describe this incredible lady.   Through her own trials and tribulations, she has also always been there for me, and even when I'm not the greatest friend on the planet (I really do still have that ornament I had made .. to mail to you .. LMFAO) .. she's always there to make sure I'm ok.  To make sure I have what I need, and if I don't - to help me get it.  We have more in common, than a lot of people think - or care to believe.  She has a daughter that is younger than me, but .. never makes me feel like because she could be my mom, she is - she makes me feel like an equal.  Like a Friend.   Always there when I call her, always there when I need her - She cares more for Emily than I think a lot of my other friends do, and makes sure I know how wonderful Emi really is.   Ellen - there is no way I could ever thank you enough, for all you have done for me.   I Love You - Now and Always, Sisters Forever.

And finally, with no introduction needed is my Bad Ass - Jo .. She is My Bad Ass.  for real.  She cuts through the crap, and makes sure you know what's what - and makes sure her loved ones, are taken care of - whether it be through a facebook message, or a 9 page letter that has been mailed to a friend .. (can't wait to tear into it .. btw) .. Jo is the one that I turn to, whether I write it out or not, when I need inspiration.   Unbeknown to her, she is the reason I started photography again .. she is the reason I started this blog (in a way) ... In the past 5 years, I've gotten to know Jo in a different way (again, Jolene, not that way!) ... we've grown a lot closer .. we used to be pen pals, back when Ward 9 was open, and even before that I think .. before the Forum take over ... we swapped Scrap Booking stuff, and letters, and in general life stories .. we've started up again, the three of us, writing to each other (Kari, Ellen - look out in the next week or so .. yours are coming!!) .. and I don't think there is a proper way to thank someone, for re-igniting your passion for two hobbies that make you feel good about yourself --- for me, photography and writing.   Though, this blog is my attempt.   Jo - don't ever forget how important you are to me, ever .. there is no possible way on this planet, that I would have picked up my camera again, and started "Shooting" without you.   Just because I only recently told you that, doesn't make it any less true.   You are amazing .. you are incredible, and I love you - now and always, Sisters forever.

While it's not a 9 page letter .. it's my attempt at letting my faithful readers know how important you three are.  Without you in my life, it wouldn't be the same.

Pen Pals & PSP .. two things my life would be empty without.

I Love You All.


SG said...

If you don't feel like yourself, then who do you feel like?

Amy said...

A shell of myself .. caught somewhere in between .. not who I am, or who I was, or even who I want to be .. just .. sort of lost.