Monday, October 26, 2009

30 Seconds of Wonderful ...

OK So I haven't blogged here in a while, and thought to myself this morning, while driving to work ... There has to be SOMETHING you want out there - something that's been on your mind, anything?

And you know, there is.  Well, come on, this is me, I'm hardly quiet for long!

Two weeks, and two days ago - a very dear friend of mine got married.

This friend and I hadn't seen each other, or spoken really, in almost 10 years .. we had breakfast one day in September (the 9th actually) and it was like time hadn't passed.   She's just as wonderful now, as she was in High School (when we last saw each other).

Cheerful, beautiful, funny, charismatic .. wonderful .. Just - herself.

I couldn't let her day go by, for long, without making mention of it.

SO .. Here is her 30 seconds of wonderful .. from me.

Jessi - I wish you nothing but pure happiness and love, a lifetime of wonderful.  Remember, the best is yet to come my dear.

I'm not that great at it - but .. I have a photo manipulation program, and these are my first attempts at "color splashes" .. I hope I chose a few photographs that captured the day.

Love you Girl!







Jessi said...

Wahhahahahaha. OMG, Amy you are the sweetest thing ever!!!! All I had to do was take a looksie at the first picture and I lost it. I'm sitting here in my office crying!

I absolutely love and adore you. We need to make it a habit of seeing each other more.

Amy said...

<3 yes ma'am we do!

I absolutely love and adore you as well, those had better be happy tears .. I can't take sad ones! :)