Monday, June 20, 2011

A note on reading ...

I've recently updated my book list on the side (there ------> ) of my blog - that shows the 52 books in 2011 ... now, to be fair, I have read each book this year that doesn't say "currently reading" ... it may have been one or two books in a week, or the like ... and I generally read in the evening, or on the boat .. it's my "down time".

If it says "Currently Reading" .. rest assured, I'm not reading 4 or 6 books at once, I limit myself to 2 (as I'm getting older I can't seem to focus, absorb, or enjoy - more than that) ... it merely means that it's next in the queue.

I'm a little behind, but I have confidence that I Can AND WILL reach my goal.

I hope I've inspired some of you to pick up a book or more, when ever you can - I know life is hectic for me, I can only imagine how it is for some of you.  Reading is (like I said) my down time, my escape.  There are a few things in life that I hold dear, and wish to pass on to my daughter.  Two of those are reading and photography.  here's why.

Reading -- (we're currently reading: Junie B - First Grader:  Dumb Bunny at bed time each night, her very first chapter book) ... is something I think I can share.  She already shows a passion for books, and begs for books as her "prizes" for completing her behavior sticker chart.  I'd rather have her beg for books, as opposed to toys.  I never go anywhere without a book, or my Kindle, and she is equally as obsessed.  She was given a "V-Tech V-Reader" for Christmas, it's with her, where ever she goes.


(even if it means reading a diabetes awareness magazine)

Photography -- She loves to pose for pictures, and "help" take pictures when she sees something that strikes her fancy.  I love that she can and will, reach for a camera with such ease - already.  She has 6 or 7 fake cameras, and when she's old enough, I cannot wait to give her her first camera.  I've already gotten her interested in using mine, I can't wait to see what she does with her own.  Just as with me and my camera, she has a fake camera with her, every day.


not bad for a four year old huh??

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