Thursday, June 16, 2011

7 minutes of sleep?? Awesome.

This is a true story .. and I know I am going to be sorry I didn't go home and sleep, but -- here it is.

Yesterday was Emily's big dress rehearsal for her first ever Dance Recital.

The mother of a little girl I bring to dance class every week and I had pre-arranged that this time, since it was earlier, farther away and she didn't work Wednesday, that she would pick up the girls at daycare, and drive them to McD's to get a snack or something equally unhealthy, and meet me at the school where the rehearsal, and subsequent recital, was taking place.

I get out of work a touch early, so I can go to the dance studio where one of the women that work there told me last week, I could still purchase tickets for THIS Saturdays show.  Get there, wait 10-15 minutes, watching the clock and growing frustrated and irritated by the minute - no one shows up.  Call the studio number and am greeted with the following message:

"Thank you for calling Studio 109, Dance, Voice & Drama - today is Wednesday June 15th, and we are closed for the day.  Our big dress rehearsal will be at 430pm SHARP at Noble HS located in North Berwick Maine.  We can't wait to see you all there, if you have a message please, leave it after the beep" ................................. NOT what I Had been Told a Week Earlier.

I call Angela (the other mom) and we begin planning where on our route we're going to meet up so I can follow her in, since I was unsure of where I was going, and she had been there before.   Discovering I in fact knew an easier route, I was directing her turn by turn, until she knew where she was.  At one point, as I was hanging up, I was stopped at a stop sign after she had just turned - as I put the phone down I am hit from behind ... Awesome.

Get out of the car, get the kids name, phone number and plate number (he said he didn't have an insurance card) and he says:

"OMG I am so sorry, I wasn't even paying attention, I was reading a text" ........ Wait, What!?

I turned, looked at him and said "Guess it's a good thing my Uncle's a cop then huh?  I need your information, this is a company car, and I'll have to report it to our insurance company."   to which he stammered there was no real damage, just his license plate was bent in - blah blah yadda yadda.   Don't care.  Got the information  ---  in the process, Lost Angela.  Awesome.

Finally get her back on the phone, and find she took a wrong turn, but got off the phone to quickly with me to turn her around before she's gone too far.  Finally get her back, turn her around and redirect her to where I am waiting.

We end up One Hour Late.  (we called the Director and let her know ahead of time.)   Emily and Grace missed their number.  Get them changed out of their, now useless, costumes.  And Wait.  Awesome.

Since they are in the Finale as well, they have to stay.  Get in touch with hubby, tell him what's going on - and he shows up to see that everything is okay, and I break down bawling my eyes out when I see him (outside away from all the kids - particularly mine) ... explain everything that happened, and get inside to see the rest of the rehearsal.  Which runs until 730.  We're still a half hour from home - and the game starts at 8.  Awesome.

Get home, have Em take a shower, (she'd already eaten dinner - twice) get her in her jammies and wait for hubby to get home.  (he stopped to get himself something to eat) ... he gets home, they sit together for a bit, then it's off to bed (super late, on a school night) and I run my self a bubble bath and pour a glass of wine ... except the bubbles don't form, the water is cold, and all I had in the house was 1/2  a glass of white wine ..... Awesome.

Get out of the tub, tuck myself in, turn on the game - Bruins win - 4-0 - FUCKING Awesome.  
Canucks Fans riot, and act like immature assholes ... Awesome.

Read for a while once the game is over, cannot fall asleep.   1am .. 2am .. 3am .. Kittens decide it's playtime and I'm the playground .. 4am hear car doors opening and shutting, get up to investigate .. nothing there .. 415am - Em talks in her sleep - loudly - about missing her rehearsal, it's all my fault, and I'm not in her heart anymore.  Awesome.

Finally at 6:08am, I drift asleep ... the alarm goes off at 6:15am.  I'm up for the day ... Awesome.


Jessi said...


You poor thing.

What's going to happen to the boy who hit you? Electrocution? Gas chamber? Lethal injection?

Amy said...

I haven't decided. I'm thinking some sort of slow torture where he can't effing text anymore.

annoying right?