Wednesday, June 8, 2011

School Days, School Days ....

As a parent, you enjoy certain things.  Their first smile, laugh, word, step .. etc.

As a parent, you worry about certain things.  Whether they're eating enough, eating right, walking right, talking right, hitting each milestone right.

My dearest little mouth  child, is now four years old - not yet old enough for kindergarten, and too smart for her current 'school' day care setting.  I have been researching, reading, calling, checking, asking .. etc .. around for information on local preschools.  I live in a town, work in another, and current Em goes to school/daycare in yet another - so location doesn't really concern me, as any of these 3 towns would work fine for our current schedule.

I have looked into private, public, in home, in center, new, old, established, changed, new curriculum, no curriculum, learn through play, going green - you name it ... I have a hard time trusting people with her care, and I am having an even harder time finding a proper school that will fit with her needs, and my requirements.  I find it completely unacceptable that I may have to bend my requirements, or amend them slightly to make things fit properly.  She's my child, I refuse to require less.  In my honest opinion, asking for someone to care for my child as their own, treat her like a person, not a commodity, teach her things she'll need to know, socialize her with other kids, while keeping her safe and letting her BE a kid at the same time - isn't much too ask.  At least, I don't think so.

I had a place chosen, and the more I read, and heard, and learned about said place, the more concerned I grew.   There is no structure, at all.  It's a glorified daycare, for the same price I'm paying now, they have no curriculum.   They have no craft time, no structured learning time - just - play.  Which is fine - but - that's what we have now, except, she has about an hour of structured school time.  She knows her ABCs, her numbers, opposites, colors, shapes - ETC - and I'm looking for a place that will expand on that, not forget about it and move on.

After days and weeks of searching and such, I spoke with a teacher today, and will be speaking with their Director tomorrow - and I believe, we've found a match.  Provided the cost is the same, and we can pay weekly, as we are now - Emily may have a new School come September.

I'm not entirely sure how, but she's known this was coming, for months.  She has repeatedly said to us:

"When I get to my new school ..."
"At my New School ..."
"My New Teacher, at my New School ...."

Emily is excited, for something no one has mentioned.  It's almost as if it's *her* way of asking for a change.  Asking for something new and exciting.  Being way to smart for her own good, we need to find a place that offers --- more.   Not "good enough", not "just enough" .. but more.  

For the past few weeks, she's been getting into more and more trouble - nothing serious, thank GOD - no more hitting, pushing, name calling - just the typical screaming, fighting, not listening a four year old decides to do when he or she has had enough of -- whatever it is that's irritating them.  Typical kid stuff.  The kicker has been her running into the road at school.  Not acceptable, and she knows better.  Because of that particular antic, she's lost play dates (I seriously hate that term), desserts, extra things that she earns at the end of every "good" day at school.   Apparently, I'm a horrible mom, and she no longer has me in her heart (true story, for another post)

Hopefully, my little darling will have just what she is (and I am) looking for.  Begging for really.  Why else (other than being MY little darling, and a typical 4 yr old) would she be acting out in such a way?  She Must Be Bored.

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Jessi said...

I think it's really important that she grows out of her "schooling." The fact that she is "asking" for something more is a sign. It's such a difficult decision to trust an establishment enough to place your child in their care but it sounds like you're doing the research you need to do to get her what she NEEDS.