Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Still Waiting

I have decided.  That's right, I've made a decision, and I'm going to put a plan in motion, and I'm going to do it ... as soon as I have time.  So - probably in the winter.

Currently, in addition to working 40+ hours a week in my office, and being the full time mom of a very busy, very bright 4 year old girl, as well as a full time wife --- I have added two large projects to my "Doing Now" list. Both, on the same day, in 24 days. I know.  I can't help it.

In addition to our normal Summer Activities (mainly, boating and floating) we are going to be taking day trips here and there, and hopefully taking a full vacation sometime as well.  We'll see.  Financially it doesn't make sense to take an entire week off, and spend that money on a hotel room with a view, and a four year old that gets cranky in the heat - but, alas, it's most likely what Mike will argue for.  And in reality, it's not that much to ask for - a week away .. I don't know why I fight it so hard.

My two new projects are the Relay for Life (now, I know, this isn't a "new" project - but I will explain) and my sisters baby shower.   That's right .. This Girl is going to be an Auntie Again .. Katie is due in July, with her first baby, a girl - Miss Abigail Rose (or Abbi for short).  Now, how is it that these two events are on the same day?  Allow me to explain.

The Relay for Life is an event I've been participating in for the past three years (well, this is my third consecutive year walking).  It is an event I hold dear to my heart, because of the number of people in my life that have been, or currently are, affected by Cancer.  In my opinion, it doesn't just affect those diagnosed - it touches and affects every single person that person loves and cares for.  Last year, I was acting Captain of our Team (the Tigerlilies, so named as to honor my late aunt, who passed away from pancreatic cancer, when Emily was only 4 months old.)  because our Captain, my sister, was on her honeymoon, in Jamaica.  I know.   This year, I am acting Captain again, (or more likely, CO-Captain) because she is now, 8 months pregnant.  The planning!!   SO that means, I am in charge of, well, everything - and I am beyond grateful to have a Team as wonderful as I do.  Our Team Members are amazing, and we have all vowed that this was the year we were going to be on the map. This is the year, we'll be the team to beat!  (because, you know, charity IS a competition.)  The Relay begins on Saturday June 25th, and Ends on Sunday, June 26th.  It is nearly 24 hours, of straight walking.   That's right.  Walking all night.  Last year, my dearest friend Corey and I took 1st and 2nd in the amount of laps walked.  I walked I think it was 138, and she walked 136.  This year?  We're going to smash that record.  it is going to happen.  See?  Charity = Competition.  Don't Judge, if you do, however, make sure I get the winning score - K?

Also being held on Sunday, June 26th - is my sister's baby shower - that I am in charge of planning, and hosting.  yep.  I will be walking all night - and playing Party Hostess at 12pm the following day.  I have a ton of things I'd love to do - games, trinkets, etc - but I'm not entirely sure where the money, and time, are going to come from - certainly, I cannot make time stop.  certainly, I cannot make a money-tree appear.  Certainly, I have a lot of shit to accomplish.  Certainly, I am the kind of person, who refuses to fail.  certainly. this is happening.  She *will* have a Baby Shower, and it *will* be lovely.   I just may be asleep on my feet :)

So the original reason for this particular post was -- alas I have not yet completed, or well, to be more fair *started* my Mom-Cave.  I know, I know, I need it. I NEED that space - and I fully intend on making great use of said space - when my calendar allows.  Which, as I said, at this rate, won't be until sometime when the snow starts to fly.  I'm hoping, beyond hope, that I can have it completed before October.  So that I am able to enjoy my room, while the snow flies around outside.  So I can utilize the two windows, and watch from my comfy chair, reading a book, sipping hot chocolate.   A girl can dream.

Here's an embarrassing admission .. this is what my "Mom-Cave" looks like:


Trust me.  I'm appalled.  I do not know how it got this bad, but I do know that it will be rectified, the moment time allows.   *sigh* Some day.  

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Jessi said...

Yard Sale!!!!

Good luck with everything. I'm such a terrible friend. Please know I'd help you if I could get out of my own way! I'm so busy too...

Miss you