Thursday, June 16, 2011

It is indeed, Happening.

Bonne Jessi trentième anniversaire!!
Feliz Jessi trigésimo cumpleaños!!
Среќен Роденден триесеттиот Jessi!!
Feliz Jessi trixésimo aniversario!!
Честит рожден ден тридесетия Jessi!!
Happy dertigste verjaardag Jessi!!
Χρόνια Τριακοστή Jessi Πολλά!!
Jessi Pen-blwydd Hapus degfed ar hugain!!!!
Glücklich dreißigsten Geburtstag Jessi!!

Breithlá shona Jessi Trıochadu!!!!
Jessi Buon trentesimo compleanno!!

I *could* go on .. but you get the gist ... 

Happy Thirtieth Birthday Jessi!!!!!!!   it is indeed happening, and you're going to love it!!

Love You!!!
Still my Favorite Picture of you <3


Jessi said...

I should totally destroy you for this ;) Thank you for thinking of me!


Amy said...

You are welcome
and you know you love me <3