Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Extra Squidges

We took a mini-vacation the week before last.  Tuesday July 5th, was my and Emily's first day back to school/work.

I will post about that, I promise, but for now, for now I need to focus on something else entirely.

For the past 30-some days, there has been a trial - publicized and talked about all day, every day, on every channel there is.  Of course, I'm talking about the Caylee Anthony Case.  (now I know, Wiki isn't the greatest resource, but .. you now the case anyway)  Let me preface this - well, okay, not preface, but you know what I mean - by saying, I believe with 100% of my heart and soul, that Casey Marie Anthony had *something* to do with the death of her daughter.  I believe with 100% of my heart and soul, that Casey Marie Anthony *caused* the death of her daughter.  100%.  No Question.

On June 16, 2008, Caylee Anthony was last seen alive.   On July 15, 2008, Caylee Anthony was finally reported missing.  On December 11, 2008, Caylee Anthony's remains, were found - discarded like garbage in the woods near the Anthony home, where Casey (her mother) and Lee (her uncle) used to play when they were kids.  Six Months After She Was Last Seen Alive.  

Caylee was just shy of 9 months older than my daughter Emily.   

On July 5, 2011 - Casey Marie Anthony was found Not Guilty of Capital Murder (Murder in the First Degree), Negligent Child Abuse and Manslaughter.  She was, however, found Guilty on Four Counts of "providing false information to law enforcement" and faces up to 1 year in prison, on each count.  She has currently served 998 days in prison.  Just 97 days shy of 3 years.   Since she's already served so long in prison, she could have been freed Thursday morning, after her sentencing hearing at 9am.   Walking free, while her daughter no longer breathes.   Thankfully, Judge Berry sentenced her to 1 year for each count, to be served consecutively (one after the other) and she was ordered to pay 1000 dollar fine per count.  Four Years, 4000 dollar fine.

It has been released now, that she will get time served, and credit for her "good behavior" .. her date of release is now July 17th.   This coming Sunday.

While I am glad that the Jury followed the law, and found her Not Guilty to the letter of that law - I still cannot believe she has gotten away with everything.  That there is no one to answer for the murder of that little child.  It pains me, personally, because Caylee was a few months older than Emily .. 8 actually.  8 Months Older.  I can't look at pictures of her, without thinking of Emily.  It breaks my heart.   This little girl, will never reach the milestones that Emily has hit, and will (God Willing) continue to hit.

When the verdict was read, I like many, was completely shocked.  And heartbroken.  Again, because now there is no one to answer for this crime.  When I got home, we had dinner, and completed our after school/work rituals and once it was time for bed, I had no problem expanding our ritual.

A normal bedtime ritual starts with hugs and kisses for whichever parent is remaining downstairs (in this case Daddy) ... a few tickles, giggles, funny faces and we're off to the upstairs.  She uses the bathroom, we brush her teeth and hair, wash her hands and face, and make sure her long gorgeous hair is braided - so it doesn't get tangled overnight.   After that, we're ready for squidges, kisses, a few stories and more laughs.

Emily is in charge of retrieving Marvin from where ever she has hidden him from the cats (Gullie has an obsession) while I pick one or two story books to read to her.  Then it's time to get "snuggled in" and listen to whichever books I've chosen (or she's requested)

On this night, she chose three books, and I had one special one we'd been reading - a chapter every other night - for the previous week or so.  While usually, depending on the day, her behavior and how I'm feeling, 4 books would have pushed me over the edge of "Really?!?! You need four books today?!" (yes, sadly, I have had that reaction, way more than I am comfortable revealing, and I promise, I am working on it) ... This time, instead of having her lay in her bed, curled up with her Marvin (the giraffe she's had since infancy), listening patiently, and glancing at the pictures as I flip the pages - I climbed into her toddler bed (we still need a twin sized bed for her, she's growing so fast . *sigh* yet another thing to save for) and let her lay with me as I read.   First there was "I Love You Through & Through", followed by "Guess how Much I Love You" then it was my personal favorite - "the Runaway Bunny"  .. three of our most favorite night time books to read - together (as much as a 4 yr old can) the last book we read, or well - she fell asleep during - was "Junie B: First Grader - Dumb Bunny" (we picked this book up for a dollar and we've read it completely once already)

Our 15 to 20 minute bedtime ritual was extended to 40-45 minutes, and that night?  It was okay, I would love to say it's a new night time ritual, but sadly, poor behavior, and plain old exhaustion (the healthy kid played all day kind) have taken their toll on her.  We're back to 20-25 minutes, and some days - some days - she gets a little extra.  Whether it be reading extra stories, or staying up watching a cartoon or two a little later, she does get a little extra.

With stories like this riddling the news?  People who have lost loved ones to tragic accidents, (sadly, I have recently been affected by a horrific accident as of late - a friend of mine passed away yesterday - Monday July 11th) or crimes, or natural causes - with stories like this, I hold her a little closer.  A little tighter.  It is my job to make sure she grows up healthy, happy, well rounded and stable.  I hope with all I have, that I am doing that well.  I am doing the absolute best I can.

In our house, thanks to the movie Hook *we've all seen it right?* - we call hugs - Squidges ... there is a particular line by Granny Wendy - when the family first arrives in London
"Come on now, Give Us a Squidge" ..

 It is something that stuck with Emi the first time she watched it - and something we have enjoyed saying, it has also developed into a nickname for her.  One she giggles at, and turns a little red.

Night time rituals, daytime rituals, each day in fact - will now include Extra Squidges.

How could you not?   she's perfect.  (some days that is "perfectly evil" -- but perfect none the less)

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