Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Daughter .. the star.

It has been a very busy, fun summer for us ... so much so that I can't seem to keep my thoughts organized enough to write about it .. we visited Story Land, we have been boating EVERY weekend, (and even some nights during the week), we've attended Karaoke night twice at J&J's, gone to a few concerts (Emily even attended one.  Sort of) .. plus so much more .. I can't even begin to describe the amount of fun we've had, on a limited budget, with Gift Certificates and Coupons and ... no money at all!   Though - I do promise I will try.  Another time.   This post, is about Emily.  My dear, darling, mini-me, Emily.  The Star.

Allow me to "set the stage" so to speak.

For the past year and a half (if not more) Emily, and everyone else that knows us, has been begging for her to be put into Dance Class with her friends from daycare.  Now, we don't have a ton of extra money to pay for said dance classes, plus, she was barely two at the time she began asking, so we held off.  For as long as we could.  In the middle of August this year, we signed her up.   It's not nearly as expensive as I thought it was going to be, however, her dance stuff, is pretty pricey.  Even from Wal-Mart and Payless, which is where the Studio directed us to go, in order to save money since she's so little, and chances are, we'll need to replace her shoes before next season (little miss big foot!).

She was so excited, for the entire month between registration and her first class, she asked - every day.  "Is it time for my dance class?!"  Every. Day.

Her first dance class - was last night .. at 5pm.  We got there, last night, at 4:30 - because she could not wait another moment.

Emily is attending Studio 109, she is part of the "mini's" class and will be partaking in both ballet and tap.   I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly proud of her I am.   I could show you in pictures .. but she'd had enough and wanted to get inside

Once we got inside, she changed into her ballet slippers and waited the long wait until Ms Mandy called her class in to start ... we did an attendance sheet, and paid for her September classes, and perused through a catalog of dance paraphernalia.   Then it was her turn .... and off she went.


So as not to distract the wee-dancers, we are not allowed to go into the classroom, or anywhere near it - we are allowed to wait in their waiting room and watch on closed circuit TV that is split into 4 screens.  It was so hard to see her on the screen, I didn't take any pictures of it - and when I tried to sneak some pictures of the class, a group of girls needed to use the ladies room ... foiled!   I promise, I'll try again next week - because she is just too cute, and needs to be photographed!

Once dance class was over, we attended our second J&J's Family Restaurant Karaoke Night (which happen to take place EVERY Wednesday night from 6 to 10pm, and include dinner and drink specials - and on some occasions - Raffle Prizes - like last night!)

Personally, I do not do well "performing" in front of other people - even though all throughout school (Elementary, Middle AND High School) I was in chorus, drama and color guard - I do not do well.  I've had duets, and solos, and all that stuff, but Karaoke is a different animal. And some people - take it all way to seriously.  I mean, sadly seriously.      Miss Emily has way more guts than her mama does, because while I'm content to sit in my seat and sing along (quietly) from my chair, Emily actually got up and sang.    True Story.

She requested a song, and a woman we know (from J&J's and Rotary) went up with her when it was her turn - and "helped" her sing.   It was not - by any means - an appropriate song for a three year old to sing - she knows every word, and sang every line.  When she got up there of course, every one ooooo'd and ahhhhh'd at how cute she was - and then .. the song started ... I am so sure I'll win Parent of the Year for this, I can't even stand it.

The song is "Cheater, Cheater" and it is done by Joey & Rory ... and last night, was done by Miss Emily herself.

There is a 13 second video of it, on my Facebook page, and you can clearly hear her sing one particular line, before the entire place erupts in cheers, laughter and applause.  That's my girl.

Emily ... My Daughter ... The Star


Jessi said...

She is too cute. What a ham. I can't believe the guts she has!

Amy said...

I know! I have NO Idea where she gets them, because her mama is certainly not that gutsy!