Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Overheard in our vehicle ...

On the way home the other night, Emily and I got into a debate.  
I know what just ran through your head - a three year old?  in a debate?  but yes, it happened.  More often than I could possibly count.  Honest to goodness, we debate often.   I know, it's probably hardly healthy, but ... it's fun and she enjoys it.

Here's how it went:

Mommy:  Okay Buggy, We're almost home - make sure you remember to take off your shoes, and wash your hands when we get inside!
Emily:  Sure Mom ... Where's daddy?
M:  well, he's home, making dinner, I just talked to him .. he said dinner will be ready when we get home - exciting right?!
E:  No, he's not - He's working, hewpin' peoples.
M: Actually, he's home. I JUST talked to him.
E: Uh, No Momma, He's WORKING.

At this point in our "debate" I paused, and thought - how can I make this a learning experience.   And then - an idea.

M:  Hey Em, you know this dollar I took away from you the other day?
E:  The one I put in my mouth?  Yep.  I a'membah.
M:  Well, I betcha this dollar - that daddy is in fact at home and making dinner when we get there.
E:  Mmmm ... Nope He's Workin'
M:  Okay, so I'll bet you this dollar, and if I'm right, and he's home making dinner, I get to keep the dollar, and if I'm WRONG and You're Right - you keep the dollar ... okay?  you can't have it if I'm right.   Do you get it?
E:  Sure Mom.  I'll betcha he's working.

At this point we rounded the corner to our road, and our house was barely visible.

M:  ... Okay, ready?  Here's the driveway ... aaaannnndddd ...
E: Oh Rats!  Daddy's Home!!    MAN!
M:  You know what that means?  That means I win, and it's my dollar now.  

Cue Tears, and Melt Down Session.

M: Oh Emily, honey it's okay, you can earn it back - let's work on it okay?  First, let's go inside, take your shoes off, and wash your hands ... okay?
E:  Sniffle, Okay Mom.  Wet's Go Inside.

Two Days Later .........

M: Almost Home!!!
E: Hey Mom.   I betcha Daddy is at home playing my Scooby Doo Game ....
M: Em, Daddy is taking dinner out of the oven - as we speak .. I just talked to him .. I promise.
E: I betcha that dollar he's playing my Scooby Doo Game ... BIG GRIN
M: Okay Emily, I bet you that dollar that daddy is at home pulling dinner out of the oven
E: AND I betcha that dollar he's playin' my game.

Pulling into the driveway .. I have never seen Emily as antsy to get out of the car as she was that night ...

M: Okay Emi, shoes and hands right?
E:  Uh, Yeah Mom, Right!!
As I'm helping her get out of the car (trying to hide my smirk, I was dead sure I would win that dollar ...) Emily JUMPS out of the back of the car, and FLIES to the door - opens it and dead run - into the living room

E:  HI DAD!!  Whatcha doin in here???
(as loud as her little giggly voice can go)
Daddy:  Um, Well, I'm playing Scooby Doo Em.
M:  Yep, you do Em ... grumbling under my breath the entire time.

Nice.   Way to teach a three year old how to gamble mom.   Awesome.


Jessi said...


Did she put him up to it? LOL!

Amy said...

LMAO I wouldn't doubt it! The little goober!

J. R. Burke said...

NICE! Gambling. I love it! lol