Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not My Mommy's Corn Chowder

Fall is my most favorite time of year .. mostly, because of the food - At almost 30 years old, It is time I faced the facts - I will always be a healthy eater .. and no, not that kind of healthy - at least, not 100% of the time.

One of my most favorite recipes - ever - is my mom's corn chowder - that I've adapted into my own perfect dish.  (not that her's wasn't perfect, this one's perfectly different)

Here is what you need:  And No, it's not incredibly healthy ... but it's so damn tasty, you won't care
(and I'm sorry - No pictures this time!)

1 half pint of heavy cream
1 sticks of butter
1/2 medium onion (sliced, and sweated* not sure of the terminology, again - here)
2 cans of regular corn (undrained)
1 can of cream style corn
6-8 medium red potatoes (cubed, Small - but not tiny - with the skins on)
2 "cans" of milk (we have 2% milk in our house) - I use the empty cream style corn can - to rinse the extra stuff out and to measure out the milk

In a big pot - "sweat" the onions in approximately 1/2 a stick of butter.  when the onions turn slightly translucent, add your potatoes and stir them up.   Let them "sweat" in the butter and onions for a few minutes.

Add your corn, all three cans, heavy cream and milk .. stir everything up, add the remaining 1/2 stick of butter in small amounts until it is gone and let it simmer on the stove until the potatoes are soft (usually when you can pass your fork through them with little resistance)  

You can salt and pepper your chowder to taste, if you choose - I usually use fresh ground pepper and fresh ground sea salt from grinders.

We usually have bread with this meal, of any kind.



Jessi said...

Mmmmm. I might try this one!

Amy said...

It's so easy, so tasty and makes a TON!
:) It's always better left over too
<3 miss you