Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Morning Traditions.

I am not a morning person.   not even pretending to be, will never pretend to be - I am not a morning person.  Never have been.  My dear small child, however, is.  She's is bright and sunny at 2am, just because it's "morning time" - even though A) it's technically morning because of the AM it's still dark and B) she really just wants to come in and snuggle until the alarm goes off .. in four hours .. we kiss her on the head, pat her little behind and send her back to her room until a reasonable hour - like 6am, when the alarm DOES go off.

In order to get myself up and moving, and out the door at a reasonable time - we have started some Monday Morning Traditions (that basically go for every day, but are most important on Monday, to get us back into the weekly goings on - IE School and Work) - these traditions, actually really do help - a metric ton.  (*side not here, I don't really *get* that saying, I just like saying it, and felt it fit well with my train of thought - if it doesn't I apologize and still like it ;) hahaha)

Among these Morning Traditions are these simple things that Emily and I both enjoy doing together.

When Daddy's alarm goes off, we snuggle and watch the morning news for about a half an hour ... in Mommy & Daddy's bed (I know what you're thinking, and the TV doesn't usually get turned on unless I'm home with Emi, at night, and Mike's working - I don't like to be downstairs at night alone, it's creepy - we're surrounded by trees and it's really dark - plus there has been a rash of break ins and acts of vandalism in our quaint neighborhood that really have me on the edge ... and Emily doesn't often sleep in our bed, we just cuddle every morning.)

(Ugh, forgive my appearance, I am not photogenic at 6:45am ....)

Once it's time to get up and out of our bed, (and after I've put my contacts in and we've both done our personal morning traditions) she follows me into her room - where she makes her bed, picks up her "night time toys" and helps me choose her outfit for the day.  


(looking at these pictures, I think I'm going to have to curb her choosing the clothes .. look at the state of the disorganization in that cabinet - and her socks and underwear drawer ... oh dear Lord)

After that it's time to head downstairs with the dogs, and let THEM do their personal morning traditions - and yes, before you ask, she does let them out, then lets them back in, feeds them and makes sure they don't sneak over to the other bowl to finish what the other may have left behind (it's not very often they find anything.)  ... once she has helped with the dogs, it's time to say good bye to daddy - and then ... it's on to the show down.   it is all out warfare in my house after daddy leaves.   It seems, mommy doesn't speak English most days - or at least, Emi's English.

It's a battle to get her dressed, in the outfit she chose ... it's a battle to get her to eat her breakfast, again, that she chose.  I suppose in the long run, having a stubborn, independent little girl isn't a bad thing ... except at 7:30 in the morning, when we're "rushing" out the door .... 



Bye Daddy!   Don't Hit My Tree!!
(there is a story there, I promise ... just not today)

Also, she takes after me in more ways than I care to admit.

For example - there are 2 fields out by where we live that house cows.  Yep.  as in more than one.  As in an entire herd of cattle.  I Love It.  As does she.   Each day, as we near these fields - she stops whatever she is doing - singing, chattering, snacking - whatever - and pauses to look out the window .. if there are cows there, she yells - I mean Yells .. COWS!!!!!!!!

When we went to leave, after snapping these pictures over the course of a few days, she said
"Thank you cows, for letting Momma take yer pi-t-cher .. Have a good bre-ffast - and a better day!!"   :)

If there are no cows in the first field, she sighs - and then looks at me and says "Onto the Next Field Momma!" ....

This morning?  There was only one cow in the second field:


Perplexed, Emily cocked her head and looked at me ... 
"I suppose, I should just yell .. COOOOOOWWWWWWW"

How I love our Morning Traditions.

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Jessi said...

Traditions and schedules are very important. Even to us adults ;)

Ah, I wish I wasn't a morning person, perhaps I could sleep past 6 AM.