Monday, February 1, 2010

You're Not Coming to My Party!!

I have the worlds most irritable toddler.  Is she a toddler still?  I say yes.

I have the worlds most adorable toddler, call me partial.

I have the worlds most hysterical toddler.  It's True.  And I Can Prove It!

Emily has these --- ISMs --- that she insists on using.  Phrases she made up, learned or .. just likes the sound of.  No, it's true, she's a little out there (but then, she's mine, so ... that makes some sense) in todays installment, I shall share with you - some of her .. Isms.  And you will laugh, because, it's impossible NOT to.

This took place this morning, around 7:55am - every Friday, Emily and I have a routine - if that routine is thrown off, so is my child.  We get up, get ready for the day (shower, get dressed, etc) and head out the door early to hit the ATM to ensure we have the cash to pay for daycare for the following week, I suppose if I were running late, I could always drop it off during the day, it is cash, and I know she wouldn't mind --- TOO much.  We have a specific route we take.  if we don't - the devil child appears in place of my cute, adorable little girl.

We drive down Governors Rd, onto Chestnut Hill Rd, which we follow ALLLLL the way down behind the high school - when we arrive there (something like 7 minutes after leaving the driveway) she says "hey, that's Jenny's school, and I (dramatic pause, eye roll, 2 1/2 yr old flair) Went there - ONE time - did YOU know that momma??" -- of course I did you small goof nugget, I DROVE you there, and to school afterwards.  We continue through town, passed the court house, because if we don't - a melt down is almost guaranteed.  Because it wouldn't be "the right way to gooooo Mooooooooooom" (I thought attitude came in the teens?) ... This morning, as we're rounding "the corner" by the court house, from the back seat I hear:

"Jenny, Anyone?  Jenny?   Jenny, Anyone? Do You Have Any Sixes?  Go Fish.  Jenny, Anyone?"  in a .. rather male voice.  I have a daughter.  ... . Apparently a Daughter that can make her voice rather manly.

We have no idea where Emily heard that particular phrase, but it made me laugh, and when I shared it with Daddy, he almost spit his coffee out of his nose, and her Teacher appreciated it much the same.  Jenny, Anyone indeed!   We do, however, play Go Fish with her routinely, and that added in her "new voice" was hilarious.

Some of her other isms include "we no say that" or "That not nice Momma" or "dadddaaaaaa I saiiiiidddd Noooooo" which, aren't entirely isms, but more - of her favorite phrases.

And most recently - we attended 3 birthday parties, in a matter of 6 days.  There would have been a fourth, in 7 days, but we had previous plans, and couldn't make that one.  Ever since then - her response to being told no, being told (or asked as the case may be) to do something, or if she is told something she doesn't like ... "You're Not Coming to My PARTAYYYYY" as loud as her little lungs and vocal chords can project.  Which, again, since she's mine is rather impressive at such a small age.

She, rather shockingly, knows the words to quite a few songs we've heard on the radio - and can generally pick out a song she likes (or we like) within the opening tunes of said songs.  "Chicken Fried" by The Zac Brown Band is "daddy's song", we're not sure why.  "Whatever It Is" by The Zac Brown Band is "mommy's song" because I love it, and "Love Story" by Taylor Swift, is Emily's song - because she sings right along with it, knows every word, and enjoys it immensely.   So much so that when it comes on the radio - all talking must cease, and she bops along in the back seat.  

She sings "I'm Alive" by Kenny Chesney too.

:) ahh, my well rounded girl.

At 2 years old, she knows her ABCs, she can count to 20, she knows her Full Name (Emily Grace Mayo) and also what her nickname is (Uhhh I'm Emi), she knows what my name is, and daddy's name .. though his middle name, and Junior suffix confuse her, she knows he's Mikey.  She know our address, if pressed, but off the top of her head we live in the white house, on the dog road.  Close.  We're getting there.

She knows when her birthday is, and that Erma and Bampy are my parents, making them her grandparents, and that Beammie and Bupa are Mike's parents, making them her OTHER grandparents.  She can even tell you who her grand fathers are (grandmothers too.)  She knows my sisters, Katie (Geekie - pronounced GEE-KEY) and Kelly are her aunts, and that Bryan (Kelly's hubby) and Adam (Katie's soon to be) are her uncles.  Though we have some very good friends that are adopted aunts and uncles, that have been there for us since before her birth.

I love my mini me.   I really do.  There are days, when I could just eat her up and revel in her brightness, her cuteness and her individuality.  However, there are days, when I swear the devil has taken over my sweet child, and I wonder when I'll get her back, or if she'll survive long enough to COME back.

To prove this transformation, she has shown us that she can be a ghost, a robot, a dog, and a cat - respectively.  Sometimes, combining two or three of those at one time.  It's one of the most ... hypnotizing things.

The Devil In Pigtails ... That's what I have.  <3  She's Just Like Her Momma, which means, I am so screwed.

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