Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Re-Reading A Classic

I am an absolutely 100% honest person.   Honest to a Fault.  I cannot lie, I cannot fib, I cannot hurt a person - by withholding the truth ... it's just not me.

In my life, I have been dishonest a few times.  And the ones that stick out in my mind are, I have taken some books from the high school, I took Books from Spaulding High.  I graduated almost 11 years ago, and I have stumbled across them recently.

I LOVE to read - LOVE LOVE LOVE it.   I can't express in words, how much I LOVE to read.  And that in itself is a pretty huge feat, because, I LOVE words.  "I am without words, that never happens - Words are my LIFE!"  (Never Been Kissed) I digress.

So in sorting through some boxes, and our spare room, I found some books I haven't read in a while.  Actually, some books I had forgotten I had possession of - some books I had taken.   From High School English Classes.   That's right, not just one class, but a few ... and not just one book either.

Those were "The Crucible", "The Scarlet Letter" and "To Kill A Mockingbird" .. I'm sure I have more, somewhere, I really do love to read, and really do have a HUGE appreciation for literature, and what not - so please don't judge me.  Hahaha.

Recently, I've finished reading all of the books I own, and currently, cannot afford to get a library card (60 dollars a year - which isn't really all that much money, considering how many books a year I devour .. however, as I mentioned in my previous blog, we're buckling our budget belt and that is one thing I have decided to give up, for the good of our family - it's not really that huge of a concession for me, really.  I can read, and re-read a book a thousand times, and love it more with the turning of each page.)  I've decided to re-read "To Kill A Mockingbird" first.   Normally, I can read more than one book at a time, while keeping story lines and characters straight, and what have you - however, with this one, I'm taking my time, and enjoying it a little more.   I'm discovering parts I'd missed when I read it the first time (and each time thereafter till now) I'd read the book.

Next, it will be "The Crucible" and if I can read it without seeing Demi Moore in my head, "The Scarlet Letter".  I love re-reading classics, really, I love re-reading anything - but re-reading classics gives me a new understanding, a new appreciation for literature.  For my English Teachers (well, not Mrs. Long - I don't know how to appreciate that weird woman) ... for my English Classes.

At any rate, that's what I'm up to - I'm re-reading the classics, that I "forgot" to return to English Class, 11 years ago ... or More. 



Jessi said...

If you need some books to read I have hundreds. Literally, hundreds. We could meet, rendezvous, in some dark alley and do an exchange. I have a lil bit of everything. Let me know. And when did the Library start charging for a library card? Isn't that what our taxes are for? That's really sad. So you can't bring Emily? Some of my fondest memories are going to the library with my mother... which began my long affair with literature.

Jessi said...

oh and read Mrs. Mike by Benedict and Nancy Freedman. Amazing. Classic

Amy said...

I'll add that one to my list.
Since I don't live in Rochester anymore, and the girls behind the desk KNOW me, I can't lie.

I can bring Emily in for Story time, and to read books they have there, but we can't bring any home. It's ridiculous - but - I suppose what they need to do .. In a way.

I would LOVE to raid your library, and of course rendezvous with you in a dark alley - but that's another story ;) HAHAHA