Friday, February 19, 2010

The funny thing about TV Shows ...

A lot of parents (and we're two of them) do not like to allow their children to watch an enormous amount of television, for fear that they will become dependent upon it.  There are many things people call televisions, insulting things, silly things, rude things ... all sorts of things.  A built in baby sitter, the boob tube, the idiot box (among others).

Mike & I have tried very hard to monitor and limit the amount of time Emily spends in front of said "idiot box" .. for fear that it will "rot her brain" ... among other horrific fears that parents have, that is our biggest.  That she won't be able to live without TV for a day, an hour .. at all .. that she will learn things we either - don't feel she needs to learn at nearly 3, or things that we wouldn't teach her in "that way".  That being said, there are things we allow her to watch, each day, that amuse us - more than they amuse her.  Call it what you will, for us, it's bonding :)

Now, don't get me wrong, we do not allow her to watch things with violence, curse words, sex, or any of the other things that are not appropriate for a 2 year old to witness.  I admit, I - like many others - have my own set of "guilty pleasures" .. most of those, are reality tv shows, or medical dramas, or crime dramas .. Among Those, in no particular order:   The Real Housewives -- all of them ... The Bad Girls Club ... The Real World/Road Rules Challenges ... NCIS ... NCIS Los Angeles ... House ... Grey's Anatomy ... Private Practice ... Lie To Me ... Desperate Housewives ... and of course, many - many more.  Those shows?  She doesn't watch with us.  Those shows?  We watch together, or I, watch here at my desk - especially on those days where it is way to quiet for me to even think.

Her favorite show?  Phineas and Ferb.
That ---- is also Mike's favorite "Emi show".  We have a few saved on our DVR "just in case" ... just in case there is a day, an hour, or a time when we need something to contain our attentions, just in case we need something to calm us all down, just in case - we need 30 minutes of ridiculous TV that won't harm any of us.

The funny thing about TV Shows?   Sometimes, they have moments of inspiration, of such immense - DUH!! that it strike me immediately upon hearing - or seeing - them ... as huge.  As moments of "Holy cow, you moron".  Usually, all it takes is a moment, and I can generally snap out of a funk ... I have a few examples for my next entry, but today ... I don't have the proper words to describe what I'm thinking of, or how it's making me feel.

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