Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chef Girl-r-EmiPants

This weekend was a very busy one for us.  We had dinner with some very great friends Friday night, a play date with some very great friends Saturday afternoon and a birthday party Sunday - right before it started to snow.

To keep Emily from going 'stir crazy' because we didn't have her stuff "at the ready" for outside playing - Daddy decided after dinner to have Emi help him make dessert.   For her, it's not helping unless she can do it all - and do it her way.  I wonder where she gets that from??

In light of all the heartache and anguish around the world, and that of late ... I took some pictures of their fun time, and reflected on just how lucky I am.  I know I'm lucky, and I know I'm blessed ... I also know, I take it for granted every day that I wake up.

There is no love like that of a father and daughter .. and you can tell, just by browsing these few pictures.

Here she goes mixing it up with her very own whisk.
(she got a little cooking set from one of her friends in daycare for Christmas)

Like This Daddy?

I love this face .. it's like she's saying "yeah, and?"

There it is, that smile of accomplishment

Mmmm The Best Part

My Life, summed up in a few silly pictures <3

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Jessi said...

Adorable. Love it! Keep it comin'