Thursday, December 31, 2009

... Let Go Of the Past - and - Focus On the Future ...

Today is the last day of the year 2009.

Many Many wonderful things have happened to me this year, and quite a few not so wonderful things happened as well .. I'm not the kind of person to "dwell" on the past so much, but as I sit here in my office, listening to the quiet (heh, I'm alone this morning) I can't help but "dwell" a little on the past year.

I've seen friends come, and go - bonds strengthen, and shatter - friends have babies, lose loved ones - Lost some Loved ones of my own - and through out it all, I can't help but hear my lost loved ones voices echo in my head to "let the past go, and focus on tomorrow".  Which in many cases is quite easier said - than done.

I've been "dwelling" on my losses,  and not so much on my gains ... which seems unbalanced to me.  In a way.  I've gained my best friend, our bond is beyond unbreakable - I've gained my support, without whom I most definitely would have shattered ... I've gained respect, personally and professionally, in a field where not many women flourish, I have ... My marriage has had some rough patches, but we've gained so much more.

I've lost Rufus, WE'VE lost Howie, Friends have lost children, either born or unborn, Friends have lost loved ones ... Many celebrities have been lost this year, young ones, old ones, new ones ... In the blink of an eye, 2009 became the year of Loss for so many.

I don't often set forth "resolutions" for myself at the end of the old year, and beginning of the new.  I see these as little things that people often promise to "resolve" and then, in March, decide, life was so much better with out the added pressure of those promises made.  However, today, this year, and next, I have come up with a resolution that I think I can handle.

That I believe I can fulfill - that I know I can Live With.

So today, on this the last day of 2009, as I sit in my silent office, re-reading my words, and listening to the sounds of my fingers on the keyboard, I pledge the following (of course, there will be room for SOME slight changes .. you'll see what I mean in a minute ...)

I pledge to live my life, to the fullest.
I pledge to live my life, full of love, and honesty.
I Pledge .. To Live

Today, I resolve to laugh more, and yell less - to love with my whole heart, and forgive when needed - to play with my daughter, instead of watch TV after dinner - to enjoy the outdoors, as much as possible - to be there, when my true friends really need me ... Today, I Resolve to Live. <3


May your New Year bring happiness, health, faith, love and kindness ... stay safe, now and always

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Jessi said...

I miss your blog. Write more soon?