Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Almost Santa Day!!

This will be my last post before Christmas, and though, I've said it a thousand times before .. this time of year does nothing but stress me to the max, I am actually looking forward to Emily's face on Christmas Day.     Possibly even more so than I'm looking forward to this Holiday Season being over.   I KNOW!   How is that possible?

Scary, but it's possible.  More than possible, it's pretty much fact.  Which I swore would never happen.  I don't get excited for Christmas, I won't get excited for Christmas ... I'm Excited for Christmas Day.  For Emily on Christmas Morning, to be more specific.

I'm lucky to have the life I have, with the people I have, and the things we have.  And I know this.

I'm fortunate.

Anyway, I'm getting off track here ...

A few weeks ago, Emily and I sat down and wrote her letter to Santa ... We chose the "take an ad, choose an item, and cut it out, then tape it to Santa's letter" method ...




Hopefully, Santa got her letter, and will bring her a few of the things she chose ... out of the dozens she wanted ... Which, I'm fairly certain she got just about everything she asked him for, and then some - as I said before, Emily is a little spoiled .. perhaps more spoiled than other children) ...

So right, the point .. I'm getting off track again ...

Emily has been referring to Christmas as "Santa Day"  She's still too young to grasp the FULL meaning of the Holiday, but I have Faith that when she's old enough, we'll instill in her the real meaning - and what is important and isn't.   The price tags, not important - the thought, important .. we'll get there.

So on this, day before Christmas Eve ... we would like to extend our Christmas Blessings to you ..

... From Our Family to Yours - Merry Christmas ...
May All Your Holiday Dreams Come True and Your Problems Be Few


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Jamie said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Amy. I have always enjoyed the Christmas season, but it all became new again when I had kids, they make everything new and shiny. (until they use it up, wear it out, or break it. Must be a boy thing LOL) But really please enjoy every moment.