Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's only February, and I have Failed.

So by now you're realizing, I suck at life.  Well, okay, maybe not entirely, but pretty close.
I set a goal for myself for this year - to write one blog per week, and before the end of January, failed.

I'd like to say it's because I have a lot going on (and in reality, there is quite a bit going on at the moment) but that would be a big fat I'm a loser lazy ass liar type lie.   And I won't lie to you.   I'm just ... lazy.   Especially lately, the doctors (I had my physical last week, and the week before -- listen, I'm a girl, I have a girlie doctor for a reason, I don't need no GP poking around where they don't belong, thank you. -- and this was discussed, at length, with both) .. the doctors say I'm fine, it's not the SAD (because I'm not feeling the way I usually do, though I am pissed at Mother Nature - we've hardly had ANY snow, and 40* in February, for days at a time, is just frikken wrong.) ... I just need to - get up.   I need to do what I say I'm going to, and follow through.  Not find every reason why I "can't" when in reality, I just - don't want to.

So.  I suck.  In Medical Terms - I just need to "follow through" .. MmmHmmm

What - pray tell - would derail me from this seemingly simple goal?   Anything else in the ENTIRE world.  Seriously.   I haven't written anything, of worth, in a really long time - and that bothers me.  Not enough to get off my lazy rear and fix it, until today, but it bothered me none-the-less.

I am addicted to Hidden Object games on Facebook - I believe I've touched on this before? ... Also -- there are tons of "new episodes" of all my favorite shows, and even some I'm just learning to like - on TV ... I bought a Kindle Fire for myself on Saturday the 11th ... and Mike bought a PS3 (and games I enjoy as well) .. with money we've saved, and a portion of our tax return.    Not to mention, I have a very demanding almost 5 year old ..

And there was that pesky thing with one of my dogs .. For almost a week, we watched, helplessly as our Italian Greyhound Dexy went steadily downhill.  After calling the vet, and being told "I'm sorry, but without payment we can't see her ...." ... we waited, until our veterinarian returned from vacation, instead of the partner in the clinic we got to, who (IMO) cares more about the bottom line, then the health of my dog.

After watching her go through that nasty illness, which turned out to be lyme disease (and we still don't know the underlying reasoning for her vomiting issues.) I haven't felt much like writing.  I hope you can forgive me for that.  

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Jessi said...

of course you're forgiven!

It sounds like you have what I often diagnose as "amotivational syndrome" we all get it from time to time.