Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On the other side ...

It would seem as though I've made it through surgery, minus one gallbladder and all of it's inhabitants .. who were unwelcome, uninvited and all around nasty house guests.  I'm not a very good patient, as a matter of fact, I'm probably the worlds WORST patient.

Not because I complain, but the opposite.  In fact .. I don't complain, at all.  not even close.  No one cares that you're in pain, no one can fix it - you just need to - plod through and take your medicine as prescribed.  Oh, about that.  I am now 5 days post surgery, and I have taken ZERO pills today.  That's right, nada.  AND I am at work.   I'm not being stupid - rest assured.  I just don't feel ... pain ... persay.  Now, don't jump to conclusions.  I am completely uncomfortable and I'm wearing the equivalent to a tent because of said discomfort, however, it's not "pain".  I do have some with me, in the event I get sucker punched in any of the four (not really as tiny as they promised, those bastards) incisions in my abdomen - or you know, I just decide enough is enough and want to nap.

That being said ... I am not a lazy person - usually .. and being told I cannot do something, makes me want to do so even more .. as in - I'm contemplating leaving the office - say, now, and heading home to tackle the dishes that had to be left in the sink while the dishwasher ran, or sweep the floors from the dust, pollen and such that the open windows have allowed to take up residence across our flooring, OH!  OR!  put the laundry, that is clean AND folded, away.  you know, all the stuff you need to do, but can't because of bending, lifting, stretching, moving ... living ... and the (not tiny at all) incisions in your abdomen?  Yep.  That stuff.  SO - here at work?  I'm confined to my desk, I can use the bathroom, go up and down the stairs 2 times (up two, down two) in the day, and that's it.  I cannot carry things, lift things, FILE things - NOTHING .. but I'm here because I'm supervised, and I know that my lack of self control when told not to do something can, and will, be kept in check.

I am in the process of planning Emi's birthday party (OMG) and making all sorts of lists of things I need to do - lists that will be lost, misplaced, thrown out, forgotten, rewritten .. etc .. - things I need to get, make, plan, people I need to talk to .. all in the span of 3 short weeks.  I can feel the overwhelmingness of this situation begin to take over.

For now?  I'm going to put my feet up, click on hulu, and relax for a few more hours, before I'm released to get Em, pick up Mike, and head to Wal-Mart - no really, it Needs To Be Done.

It's nice to be on this side of things, I suppose, for a little bit.  Nice to know how needed you are, how depended upon to get certain things done ... I'm over it though, I want to clean ... I need to put things away ... I need to move.   One more week of nothing, and then when the surgeon clears me (for good behavior) ... then I can get back to normal living :)

Besides .. pictures, don't take themselves - and I'm already missing lots of opportunites


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Jessi said...

Damn you, Gall Bladder. We hate you and we're glad you're gone!

Happy to hear your feeling better! Now, take good care of you and get some rest!!