Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finish This

Since I can't concentrate enough to get anything meaningful down here .. I'll post another lame ass survey thing ... 

Finish the Sentences

I always smell like... dove cucumber soap and herbal essences shampoo .. or laundry detergent and fabric softener ... or Abbi.

I am never caught without my...  Camera.  Seriously.   If not?  I wouldn't have caught this gorgeous hawk this morning on the way into work.
(granted they're not the greatest, but at 730 in the morning, dodging passing cars in the view finder, with an impatient child in the backseat - at least I captured something.)

My most prized possession is... my little family (of course extended family too but .. you get the gist)

The strangest possession of mine is... Hmm I don't know.  Emi's first curl?  well, sort of - the first clippings from her first hair trim.

The most recent lie I told was... that no one was in the office with me. :)

and I told it to.... I don't know, some chick who couldn't pronounce my dads name properly.

I know I am lying to myself when I tell myself...    you're not fat, you are perfect just as you are.  You don't need kickboxing today, have that apple pie/ice cream/french fries/fried chicken fingers .. a little won't hurt you today.

I am addicted to... Hidden object games on facebook and looking at the hilariously stupid photos that people add words to -- like this:
(you're welcome, I'm still singing it too   --- and seriously, if you didn't laugh, I don't know if we can be friends anymore.  I seriously almost peed myself when I saw that.)

The last time I got pulled over by the police..  hahaha.  Last June/July .... I was absolutely speeding - nearly 50 in a 35, my younger sister was 8 1/2 months pregnant, my mom had a giant cast on her elbow, and my older sister was sulking in the back seat.  We were on our way to get pedicures ... something we used to do at least once a year ... until life happened.   Kids, Work, Illness.  Damn it.   

The last person I apologized to was..   in a letter to my best friend . . . I'm a horrible pen pal as of late.

I apologized for...   never getting her letter and goodies in the mail.  I misplaced half the letter I wrote, and her letter to respond to .. I seriously suck at everything lately.

Death is...  something I still have a hard time explaining to my daughter.  It's final, but not.  It's sad and devastating and no matter how prepared you think you are - you aren't.  Imagine being 2 and losing your first pet.  Now imagine being almost 5 and still asking for him. 

My life is...  for the most part - amazing.  We have some things to work on, and by we, I mean me, but still .. I really wouldn't change a whole lot (except, I'm starting to play the lottery more.  My parents .. Need a Break)

My best quality is... oy.  I can multitask like a champ.

The last compliment I received was... that no matter the occasion, when something is requested of parents at Em's school - I always go above and beyond, and treat each child as though they were my own.  All the teachers, kids and parents love me, and I am appreciated more than they could possibly tell me.

I am insecure about... HAHAHHAAHHAHAAAAAAAA  The list of things I'm NOT insecure about is shorter ... I don't think there is anything on it!

The greatest physical pain I have ever endured was...  my knee.  definitely last April when I hurt my knee.  It rivaled the C-Section Pain.

The last time I was in a hospital...  as in admitted?  April 2007 for the birth of my minion.  as in visiting?  September 2011 helping my sister with Abbi while she had her pic line placed.

I have a great amount of guilt regarding... not being able to help ... especially when I know they need it

When I am sad, I need... understanding.  Someone to listen, not judge, not give advice, just listen .. and a good hug helps too

When I am embarrassed, I need...  I'm not often embarrassed .. unless Emily says something inappropriate without knowing it's inappropriate (As in asking my bestie if she had a baby in her belly .. after she just told us how she'd lost 23lbs.  *sigh*) .. so nothing really.

The last thing or person that made me laugh was...  the picture I posted above .. and hearing my mom say what it was out loud.   I nearly peed  and I TOTALLY snorted.

One of my most traumatic memories was...  my hospitalization and c-section in April 2007 (sorry Jessi, don't mean to freak you out here) ... I had a panic attack in the middle, and had to be given more medication, I wasn't able to hold Emily for nearly 4 hours after she was born - until I could wiggle my toes.  Then hearing Emily, at just barely 1 day old, being diagnosed with congenital hip dysplasia on her right side and how she'd need a pediatric orthopedic surgeon.   *she is fine now, but it was a harrowing 4 months of brace wearing, x-ray appts, hospital visits for ultrasounds and a trip to Concord for the best pediatric orthopedic surgeon in the state.*

My greatest fear is... failing.   and disappointing my parents.  Man,  That'd be a heartbreaker.

I am most comfortable... in my fat pants, on my couch surrounded by my little family (furries included) a good book, or a good movie, and a great meal.  I know.  Fat Kid Enjoyments.  

I hold a grudge against... no one.

because...  there is nothing worse than holding a grudge.  you waste more time and energy on holding that grudge, and you give that person, or that reason, or whatever, more power than they deserve.  Let it Go.

I regret sleeping with... hahahahaahhaaaaa ... Um ... yeah. No One.  That's what happens when you fall in love with your first I guess.  I know, such a loser - especially since I was the one considered a whore and slut in school, by certain people, and certain parents -- I was the absolute least active of anyone I went to school with.  

It would be a relief right now if...  promises were kept.

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen is...  Emily's face.

People know I'm angry when... I either get really quiet, or I finally let go of whatever has built up in silence.

The last time I prayed was...  20 minutes ago.

My deepest need is...  for my parents to get some relief.

People fear death because...  they don't know.   It's the unknown, and uncertainty that people fear.

The bravest thing I've ever done was..   Say yes, and then .. become a mom

I worry most about...  Emily.  If I'm teaching her right, caring for her right, being the best mom I can be .. even though I lose my temper and I am probably a little harder on her than I should be, I try.
My heart breaks when...  I can't fix it.

I would be willing to die for... My family. 

The last time I threw up was... Friday - February 3rd.  Thank you migraine!

My worst habit is... biting my nails!  Oh and twisting/twirling my hair into knots and stuff .. Ugh bad!

My best habit is...  Huh.  Hmmm.  No Idea

I enjoy reading... EVERYTHING.  Currently finishing our book club pick for March (the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society) and looking for a new book to choose for April.  

I realized I was an adult when...  the test said "Pregnant"

I truly felt love when I was/am with...  AM with .. Mike & Em.   No matter the arguments, fights, stress, hard times .. 

When my conscious tells me something...  Conscious?   Don't you mean Conscience??   And sometimes .. I listen, mostly if I don't - I regret it.  but I try!

The music I am all about right now is... Ingrid Michaelson, Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz ... 

Music is...  a release.

I am naturally talented at...   I have no idea.  I'd like to say photography, and writing, but .. that'd be egotistical of me.

Funerals...  make me cry uncontrollably.  Every.Time.

In social situations, I...  either shy away from people, or dominate attention .. I can't help it, I'm a spotlight whore sometimes

People would describe me as...  a pitbull ... no seriously.  I've heard it said .. in my office, at my job, I am the office pitbull ... you don't get passed my desk, unless I Say You Can.  Otherwise - the short, fat, bitchy one I'm sure ;)


Jessi said...

I've been a bit behind! Glad to see you blogged!

Okay, two things:

One, I am SO allergic to Dove soap. I once bought it because it smelled nice and used it ALL OVER my body, ahem, and it wasn't long before I discovered that it causes me to break out in a HORRIBLE itchy rash that I can't stop digging at... (everywhere!!)

Two, I don't get the Tony Blair thing. Explain, please.

Amy said...

:) I've been slacking lately.

I LOVE It so much so that Em uses it too (she even has her own big girl bar of soap *sigh*)

LMAO it's Vladimir Putin ... Putin on The Ritz ... it still makes me laugh hysterically.

I think I'm the only one that finds it *this* funny.

SG said...

I am a slacker! I have't read your blog lately. :'-(