Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stones, marbles and coconuts

I don't sleep much.  That's not really a shock to those who know me.  It's not that I don't enjoy sleep, or that I don't need sleep - it's just that for some reason - particularly lately, I sleep less and less and less each night.

Call it nerves, anxiety, worry, whatever ... or Insomnia ... whatever it is, it's irritating me and causing the worst lack of sleep induced non-concentration, scatter brained - something (see?) in the world.  I can't finish a thought, a complete sentence, a conversation?  Forget about it.  Remember to pack Emi's dance stuff the night before dance class?  Not so much.  

I've got it .. mostly .. narrowed down, ish .. to what it could be.  Finances?  Nah.  Not Really.  Emily going to school? YES - but no, not this time.   Dog's health?  She's good, they both are - so can't be that .. what else could there be?  OH! I know ... Upcoming Surgery!   Mine!

Calm Down.  (trust me, I'm trying to do just that myself) ... Here's the skinny.
For the better part of 7 Months - off and on for sometimes a few hours, at the most, 3 days - I have been having - this feeling, painful at times, annoying at others.  To put it in simple terms - It felt like I had a bowling ball, in the direct center of my body, just under my rib cage - causing pain, discomfort, insomnia, and at times, difficulty breathing.  

I scheduled my physical back in December, and the only time they could fit me in - was February.  So I waited, and after both appointments, I had a pseudo diagnosis.  We thought I had what is called a Hiatal Hernia ... because based on my symptoms, and the fact that they didn't appear only when I ate certain things, or avoided others - they decided when they wanted to wake me up, and how long to keep me up.

February 25th, was a busy day for us - it was a Saturday, and it was one of the best days we've had in a while.  Busy, but the best.  We had lunch with a great great fantastic wonderful friend - ran some errands, and then had dinner with some other great great fantastic friends.  Busy.  But the Best.

After getting home at nearly 10pm, Emily shuffled off to bed, and I was close behind - of course, this means I went upstairs, got comfy, and read for about 2 hours - then finally fell asleep.  Fast forward to 2am, and welcome back pain, discomfort and insomnia.  Having the diagnosis, and having done all sorts of research, I put my newly discovered information, tips and tricks, to the test ... none of them worked.  None Of Them.  two showers, sitting up straight instead of laying down, walking around, using the bathroom, taking gas-x, and other tums-type medications (under the direction of the doctor, I knew what dosages to use) ... nothing worked.  Mike knew what was going on, and though I tried, very hard, to keep quiet so Em and Mike could sleep longer - I failed.  He woke up.

Around 715ish, I called my mom, after arguing with Mike about going to the ER and getting checked out, fixed, whatever - because we were supposed to be going to a friends surprise 50th birthday party, in Mass - with my mom and dad.  I wanted to find out what time we were meeting, and where .. and coordinate, even though 715 is way to early to call a normal person, it's always okay to call mom.

Together with Mike, she convinced me to head to the nearest ER - because she couldn't really hear me, and knew it was serious enough for me to complain, a little.  Because I don't - usually.  If I don't feel well, I do what I do can to feel better, and move on.   It's not always easy, but - meh.  Who wants to listen?

After having an anxiety attack in the middle of the ER waiting room, FINALLY being checked in - I was given a few medications .. a pain medication, a nausea medication aaaaaaaaand IV delivered Atavan.  I fell asleep for 45 minutes, and was given an ultrasound --- where at least one - rather large - gallstone was found - 1/2 inch in diameter.  The size of a small marble (ish) ... which means, it won't pass on it's own, and it has been trying.  For 7 months (or so) .. it has been bouncing around like a pin ball, trying very hard to get out .. and being rejected, and bounced back - every time.

Plan of attack?  Removal of Gallbladder .. the entire little organ.  Which, I'm sorry - but does in fact serve a purpose.  And damn it, I like my internal organs - where they are .. where they belong.

I met with the surgeon on the 5th, and we outlined what would need to happen, and when ... March 15th - at 12:15pm (ish - I'll know the time for sure, later on today) ... I'll be in the operating room .. having a small vital internal organ removed from my body.  Fun Times.

One night last week - Monday or Tuesday - days seem to be running into the others - I was told to take Oxycodone if I had a "gallbladder attack" and an hour later, try ibuprofen ... SO i took the pain medication, when I had an attack in the middle of dinner ... turns out - that pain medication makes me itchy.  Incredibly Itchy.  So itchy in fact, that I upon waking up the next day, called the doctor with NO Prompting!  Turns out - I'm ALLERGIC!  good to know.  Awesome.

So yeah, I've been freaking out.  Because tomorrow -- is March 15th.   

AND I'm singing "I've got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts ..........." for weeks.

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Jessi said...

Boo! You're going to be just fine and you will feel so much better!!!

Sending good thoughts your way!