Friday, April 2, 2010

Our Trials with the Easter Bunny.

As I've mentioned previously, Emily will be 3 in a matter of weeks (15 days to be exact) - she also, was not afraid of Santa this year, and we took that as a hopeful sign that she wouldn't be afraid of the Easter Bunny.

Not so.  We've tried a few times now, with 2 different bunnies, at two different locations, and still - she gets excited, until it's time to actually get close to said bunny, and then - She's All Set.

We visited the "Noggin Factory" on Saturday March 27th, for a few "Easter Inspired Activities" ... she entered her page into the coloring contest, enjoyed a goodie bag, and made an Easter Egg on the craft table.  When it came time to say goodbye to the Easter Bunny that was standing outside the store, greeting children, she tensed up - froze - and decided she wasn't a fan of "the bunny".

It went something like this:

Mommy:   Okay Emily, are you ready to say goodbye to the Easter Bunny so I can take a picture?

Emily:  Nah, I'm .. I'm All Set Mom.

M:  Are you sure?  You said you had a big hug for the Easter Bunny, did you change your mind?

E: Yep, Sure did.

M:  Okay, but - after this, she's going to go home to her family and rest before Easter Sunday.  She has a lot of stuff to do before then .. alright?

E: Yep, that's fine Momma.  I'm, I'm shy with her.

M: Alright, then how about you say goodbye from here?  Say Bye Easter Bunny!!

E: Yeah, Uh - Bye Easter Bunny  (and she blows a kiss)

She refused to see the Bunny two additional times at the Lilac Mall, each time saying "I'm all set, I'm uh, shy with them - but Hey Bunny, Bye!!"  or something of that nature.

Here's hoping that her experience with Chuck E. Cheese for her Birthday party in 2 weeks is better ... big costumed characters don't seem to be her forte!




Jessi said...

wait. I thought the Easter Bunny was a boy. Have I been mistaken for the past 28 years?

Amy said...

Nope, my child is hell-bent that it's all Mommy-Easter Bunnies ... they do all the work while the Daddy-Easter Bunnies play with the babies, and wait for Mommy to get home.

So wise for such a small minion ;)