Monday, April 26, 2010

"Don't you worry about my bum!!"

Since Emily turned three she has been less than agreeable (to say the least).  Among her still favored "you're not my friend", "you're not coming to my party", and "I don't want to" ... she has added a few other ....... choice? ........ phrases to her repertoire.

My mouthy little Munchkin has decided to tell us when it is okay to do things, or say things, or HOW to do things, or say things.  As if she weren't bossy enough before - the morning of her ACTUAL birthday, she decided it was time for her to rule the roost (even more than she did) and instruct us, on how we were to do things that day.  "It's my birthday, and I'm a princess today.  I want pancakes"

After the laughter (of course, inside laughter, because you don't want to encourage her) subsided, and the shock wore off, we explained that just because it was her birthday, and she is now 3, it doesn't erase the fact that manners are important, and we ask for things, using our polite words.  To which she promptly responded (Hands on hips, head slightly cocked) "Not Today!" and ran out of the room.   What do you say to that?!   Little booger.

Emily has been potty trained since she was roughly 19 months old.  Completely potty trained, a few accidents here and there - and limited time (MAYBE a month) in pull ups - and she was done with it.  Now, she knows she has to wipe herself, yet, in her haste to get back to playing, "forgets" and zooms out of the room - which, in turn, prompts us to turn her around, and have her .. finish her business .. so to speak .. she gets annoyed with having to stop playing again, and throws mini-fits.  Lord, I love 3.

The other night, when Daddy was bringing her upstairs for her pre-bedtime routine - he put her in the bathroom, told her to do her thing, and he'd be right back, he needed to take some medicine.  She went potty, pulled up her pants, and went to flush - by the time Daddy had gotten back into the bathroom, he caught her and said 
"Did you wipe your bum? You have to remember to do that, or it's going to hurt" ...
 to which my ever growing, teenager stuck in a toddler's body replied
"Don't you worry about my bum, it's on my body"

Seriously?    Dumbstruck for about a half a second, Mike replied 
"sorry to disappoint you - small child - (our nickname for her) - but until you turn 18?  That's MY bum!"

She giggled and said (pure toddler moment returns!)
"Nuh-Uhhhhhhhh - Sue said it's MY body, and I own all of it, so when someone pushes me, or hits me, or tries to hug me or sumfin, and I no like it?  I can tell them to stop RIGHT NOW, it's MY body, and I don't want their hands on me!"

She's right, of course, but how do you explain that to a 3 year old?   That wiping your backside (and front really) is necessary so she doesn't get sick.  Especially, a 3 year old like mine .. mouthy, smart and too damn quick ...

Ahhhh, the moments a mother lives for.

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Jessi said...

Adorable. I love it!