Friday, November 20, 2009

That lives inside my head ...

As promised, here is the continuation of my Bucket List post.

The stuff I've already done ...

- Build a house .. no, not just any house - my dream house ...
Two years later - still my dream house <3
- See a Bald Eagle, in the Wild ...
Gorgeous, Isn't it?

- Be in a Best Friends Wedding ...
LOL two of them were already married at this point, so THANKS B!! hahaha <3

- Watch my daughter dance in the rain ...
Two years later, and she is still my greatest accomplishment <3
- See the Boston Pops Live ...
( Sadly, I don't have any pictures of this concert, I don't think my camera was working at that point.  And if I DO have photos, they aren't on this PC )
- See the Globetrotters Live ...
I Have - twice - and both times, I took pictures, but for some reason --- I don't have them on my PC
(ALSO - both times I won the tickets hahaha)
- See Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and Dierks Bentley .. Live .. In Concert
(those are Kenny's Hands .. yeah .. sigh I Love His Hands)
(that's both Dierks AND Brad)
- Be a part of Relay For Life .. in loving memory of Grammy, Joni and all those lost, and those strong, unbelievable Survivors - Like Melly Mel.

So my List of "accomplishments" so to speak .. isn't very long, but I'm proud of the things I've done, and MOST of the people I surround myself with - some of them, that I surround myself with out of necessity, not enjoyment.   You know the ones.

So again, I wish you all, my faithful readers (read: Friends) ... the chance to complete your bucket list, and the ease at which to do it.

May you find a place, that brings you absolute peace - or if you can't find that place, at least a photo that shows it.

.. With Love and Squidges ..

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Jessi said...

Love this. So inspiring! Your house is gorg! and I love the eagle <3