Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The devil birds that live in my wall ...

That's not even just a clever little title, it's my life.  Sort of.

SO there is an emergency exit right behind my desk.  It's big, and green, and rickety, and sufficiently creepy.  I'm terrified - that's an understatement - beyond terrified of heights, well, extreme ones .. ladders, roof lines, etc.

Anyway, there are these - birds - apparently, they are European Swallows or Sparrows or something like that, that have taken up residence in my wall above said door - and have been tormenting me for six or more months.  Today, the boys downstairs, noticed a bird was stuck   In the powerlines - where they go from the pole to the building ... under that .. weather hood thing?   There.  This bird, is dangling from her foot, and has been there all day.

PSNH has refused to help us - and there are no other places (I have literally called them all) that can help us, until PSNH steps up.

This sucks.


Jessi said...

did you try the audubon? unfortunately the bird will probably be dead by morning, but if it's still alive try the audubon. someone has to do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

We tried everyone Jessi, no one could help us until PSNH turned off the power, or helped with the live lines.

She's gone :( she didn't last the night. Now we have to find a way to get her down.

Jessi said...

i hate psnh.
I had a thought that maybe another bird might at least take advantage of the bird, but if she was still hanging there probably not.