Monday, February 14, 2011

Demolition Delayed.

By now you've read my previous blog - outlining my plans for our spare room.

Unfortunately, this illness has delayed my renovations.  I cannot breathe long enough, or easily enough to move furniture, and thus, I have found my space building - delayed.

I don't often get sick, and when I do - apparently - I do it right.  What started as a simple cold, has blossomed into an upper respiratory infection, and has decided to blossom once again into a sinus and ear infection as well.  I have gone to the doctor once, and was given a prescription cough medicine, to be taken at night - and nothing else.  Rest, Fluids and Cough Medicine - along with an OTC Sudafed-esque medication (which I actually can NOT take) should have me on my feet again in no time.  That was 9 days ago, and I'm no better off now.  Here's hoping that a few more days of this RFC routine has me back to normal soon.  

My room is calling me.  *sigh*

Good things come to those who wait?

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Jessi said...

Booo to being sick! And Booo to demolition delays. We start ours this spring and I am NOT looking forward to it... although, I am looking forward to more space.

Feel better! It's an order!