Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Here!

Cold and Flu Season has arrived ... and it has arrived with a vengeance.  There are at least a half dozen children that have gone home with fevers, and they all eventually received a diagnosis of strep throat.  One of the guys I work with has been getting steadily worse (health wise) over the course of the past week.  He says it's a head cold, and that it'll be fine by next week .. a likely story!

Mike has been complaining of congestion and Winter aches and pains - and I have been achy, stuffy, sniffly and all that fun stuff.  As a matter of fact, today my chest has gotten worse, I have a slight cough (non-productive of course) and slightly sore throat as well.  Feeling as miserable as I am at the moment, I have decided to share some of my favorite "remedies" ... really, not remedies at all, but things I like to do to make myself feel better.  Even if it isn't REALLY working - it's giving me the illusion of feeling better, and that's all I really want.  I know cold and flu issues have to work themselves out, and really no "medication" will speed up the process so these are just little things that make me feel better.

1 - Drink LOTS of fluids:   preferably, Vitamin C laced fluids.
2 - Consume lots of Chicken Noodle Soup:  preferably home made.
3 - Get lots of rest:  I recommend naps in the middle of the day, curled up on the couch with any furry critters you are owned by.
4 - Read a Good Book: Or at least, part of a good book.  Losing yourself in a world between the pages, and the world of the written word, allows you to (at least temporarily) forget your own problems.
5 - Do the LEAST amount possible:  Keeping busy can make some people feel better, me?  It just really makes me want to take one of those mid-day naps with my furries.
6 - Laugh:  Find something, anything, that makes you laugh - not the full on guffaws, the laughs that make you cough and hack.   Just enough to remind you that no matter how miserable you feel at the moment, there IS happy out there.

May your cold and flu season be short, healthy and enjoyable!


Jessi said...

Nice face lift; I'm liking the new digs.

Have you ever considered the flu shot? I've been a believer for years (since high school actually) Rarely do I get sick and, if I do, it's just an annoying cold that lasts a day-- not even worth remembering. Some people hate the flu shot, I swear by it.

Feel better soon!

Amy said...

Thank you!! I finally figured out how to change stuff up! :)

This is actually the first year in I think 5, that I haven't been able to get the flu shot :( I'm miserable.