Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's time to expand your space, It's Project Time!

Recently, during a witty bantering-esque conversation between myself and my dearest husband, I had mentioned wanted to turn a portion of our basement into a dry pantry - for paper goods, pet goods, bottled water, soda, and stuff like that.  Particularly, the portion that is under the stairs, mostly boxed in already, wouldn't take a lot of money to convert said wasted space into a dry pantry.  We'd have more room upstairs and it would have a place of its very own.   The following is that conversation:  (as I remember it)

Amy:  *after seeing a PetCo commercial advertising stocking up on pet foods* I'd really like to take some of the space in the basement, and make a sort of storage area.  for dog food, cat food, cat litter, paper towels and stuff like that.

Mike:  Um, okay, that sounds good - it wouldn't be all that hard to box in an area, and add some shelving. How big are we talkin'?

A: I was actually thinking under the stairs ... it's mostly boxed in.  We could put a heavy duty sheet of plywood down on the existing two by fours on the floor, holding the wall joists up, so it's sort of off the ground - close in the only open wall (the backside) and add a cheap door, as well as an easy pull light.

M: I'm going to put a toilet there.

A: *pause*

M:  Since I'm going to make half of the basement my work out area .. OUR OUR work out area .. and the other half my um, you know, space - I thought a sort of bathroom would be okay.

A:  Where would you put the cats boxes?   In the bulkhead?  Where you're putting up a door to keep the cold in?  Seriously?  A FOURTH toilet?

M:  Well, yeah, I mean, it's a good idea.

A:  Right, I forgot, this is YOUR house, how dare I even start to ask for something simple for my own perverse amusement.  (insert eye roll here)

M: - No, No, No - not the WHOLE house, just the basement and outside.  BIG Grin.

A:  Huh, okay, I'll go with that.  Even BIGGER Grin.

My Turn.

We have a third bedroom, as of late, we do not use it for anything other than storage.  Junk we don't need, don't use, don't want - whatever.  This space is a complete wasted space.  As of now, it's literally just a catch all.  I had so many wonderful ideas for this room - home office, second baby room (yeah, not any time soon), guest room, library, play room for Emily (she has what should be the dining room, because we have an eat in kitchen, large enough for a table for 8) you name it, I've thought it.

Right this second, I have no place in my own home, that is just my own.  With the exception of my walk in closet.  I hide in there.  True story.  it's heated, there's a light, and it's where most of the spare blankets are kept - making a quiet, cozy, comfy hole in the wall for Mom to hide out.  That is About To Change.

While stalking friends on facebook today I came across a wonderful link:

Yeah.   Now You've Got It!

The best part?  I have a few GREAT pieces of furniture, already stashed in that room, with a few little maneuvers - and a little elbow grease (and little to no money) I think I can make my own space.  After all, Mike's portion is the basement and the outside right? So .. I can have this little tiny space all to myself?   Without making sure he's happy with the changes?   Based on his logic, exhibited above, yes, yes I can.  However, I WILL run it by him, and I WILL be the better person here.  The end result, will STILL be the same.  My Own Space.

Have no fear ... Pictures (before, during and after renovation will be included.)  I may even edit this post and add some before pictures of my "spaces"  (including my closet ;) ha!)

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Jessi said...

Do it! Do it! You deserve a space of your own (considering the outside isn't yours, LOL)