Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stress Relievers

There are few things in life that stress me out (other than your normal every day life stresses - financial worries, health worries, etc.) .. some of those things are work related, and some, are not. 

While I'm at work, there are a few things I keep handy to relieve the stresses that may rear their ugly heads ... here are a few of my most favorite Stress Relievers - when punching the stress bringing offender is not an option:

8. Bubble Wrap Game - seriously, what's less stressful than popping bubble wrap?  Make sure your speakers are on, and don't mind the creepy voice when you click for a new sheet ... (Manic Mode is fun ... )

7. Free Tunes - either make your own station - or listen to a pre-existing one ... Pandora is a fantastic invention.

6. Free Shows - and movies too .. my number one addiction .. no joke.  it's fantastic to have on in the "background".

5. Animal Pictures - no matter how bad or stressful your day seems, these can make it better in an instant.

4. Funny Stories -  these little gems are sometimes worth the time it takes to dig them out ... even though, I'm sure - some of them HAVE to be made up.

3. Better Pictures - for those who love "teh doggehz" more

2. Newly Acquired - again, some of these are too good to be real - but all of them are giggle worthy

1. When All Else Fails - when your day seems to be getting worse with each tick of the clock ... click this link, someone out there, is probably having a worse day than you are :)

Enjoy Friends!

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Jessi said...

I love fmylife, more than words. Great list, lovie.