Friday, July 23, 2010

Frivolous Friday

Suffering another bout of bloggers block, I am looking at useless fact websites .. in an attempt to jog something interesting to write about.

I've come up with 20 of the most useless Animal (including a Slug fact!) facts I've read this morning ... 

20.  Penguins can jump as high as six feet in the air.
19.  The Platypus can eat it's weight in worms, every day.
18.  St. Bernard dogs - do not - carry kegs of brandy - and they Never Have.
17.  Snakes don't bite in rivers or swamps, because they would drown if they did.
16.  The giant tortoise can live longer in captivity than any other animal.
15.  Cows are the only mammals that pee backwards.
14.  You CAN house break an armadillo.
13.  Giraffes cannot cough.
12.  Deer cannot eat hay.
11.  Bats ALWAYS turn left when leaving the cave.
10.  A crocodile cannot stick out it's tongue.
9.    Chameleons and sea-horses can move their eyes in two different directions at the same time, which enables them to spot predators more easily.
8.    Cheetahs can go from a standing position, to 45 MPH in two seconds.
7.    A Giraffe can last longer without water than a camel.
6.    Dogs have 17 muscles in their ears so they can turn them in several directions to pick up sounds.
5.    Flamingos can only eat  with their heads upside down.
4.    A blue whales tongue weighs more than an elephant.
3.    All Porcupines Float.
2.    Slugs - have Four Noses.
1.    A hippos mouth, measures two feet across.

There you have it - 20 animal facts ... that you are now a little sillier for knowing.


Jessi said...

So that was the last bit of evidence I needed to confirm in my quest for an armadillo. There is NO way Aaron can disagree now...he can be housebroken-- he's mine!!!!

Flamingos wouldn't be pink if they didn't eat shrimp.

Seahorses are my favorite sea creature-- you don't even know!

Amy said...

LOL I thought of you the minute I saw that fact!!