Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lack of sleep - makes one loopy!

When I say lack of sleep, I don't mean, a few hours here and there, or one night where I've not been able to fall asleep, stay asleep, or what have you .. I mean .. the past almost week now of a couple hours of sleep a night, and then I'm awake for the remainder of my "sleep time" ... it's wearing on me.

For example - last week, I actually got ONE FULL night of sleep - I was bouncy, happy, silly, punchy .. I had a great day (or most of a great day, right Andrea?) it was fantastic, and I'd love to do it again - soon ... Although, you know - my goal isn't even 8 full hours - not right now, I'll have to work my way up to that ... I'll settle for 6, or even 5 .. I've tried reading before bed, not reading before bed, watching something silly on TV, not watching TV ... sleeping aids, no sleeping aids ... going to bed earlier, going to bed later ... and combinations of two or three of those things ... nothing seems to work.

Today, going on day 7 actually - I've run out of options.  I am going to go home tonight, have dinner, take a hot shower, put Emi to bed, and probably take something and go to bed myself.  HOPEFULLY  I can sleep the entire night, and if not, at least most of it.


Jessi said...

Tea, tea, tea! No caffeine after 2 pm!
Sleep tight -- don't let the bed bugs bite!


Amy said...

I'm not a huge TEA fan, it tastes like dirt .. if you have any suggestions on a specific kind that is significantly - less - dirt like, please feel free to share!!

I actually don't consume caffeine if I can help it - gives me a super headache.

<3 you!