Friday, June 18, 2010

The Tails of Dexy & her sister Pixie ... and a Sera cat in there as well ...

In early 2003 Mike and I rescued a 3 year old Italian Greyhound, her name - at the time - was Bella. 

Her owners, at the time, had decided that they didn't have the time, or energy, to take care of her anymore, and wanted to either find a new - permanent - home for her, or were going to take her to the shelter, and request she be put down.  (I know, believe me, I know) 

After meeting her, getting to know her, and feeling the love just pour out of her - we decided to give her a fresh new start, with a new family, and a new name.   We called her Dexter (Dexy for short) - she just had that face.  You know the one?   The name has fit her, just fine - and she took to it rather quickly.


Shortly after, okay - almost 2 years after - we got the okay from my parents (whom we were renting a house from) to rescue a second dog.  This time, we went through an Italian Greyhound Rescue League and adopted another female.  She was timid, friendly, and so lovable, she fit in right away.   The Rescue Lady (Whose name is Mary) had chosen her for us - based on her name.   Pixie.   If fit us.  Perfectly.


We paid our rescue fee, gave all the pertinent information and set in for the long trek home (oh, I forgot to mention - the Rescue League?  Located in Wharton MA, quite a bit south of us ... and Mike? Yeah, he hates to drive in MA.  But so worth every minute of that drive) ... Pixie hid in the backseat for a little bit, and when she was comfortable enough, she came up to the front to snuggle with Dexy and I.   We soon realized, however, that her favorite place to be - was in the drivers lap.  

After arriving home, Pixie and Dexy became fast friends .. nearly inseparable actually.



My babies are 10 (dexy - April), and nearly 10 (pixie - September) and 8 (Serandipity {we call her Sera})  - respectively - each day they get a little older, and as such, a little fragile-er ... (so not a word) ... and it makes me sad.  I know what's coming, and I really dread it.  Having just lost Rufus, I sometimes worry myself to a state of beyond comprehension.  It's a gift, to have so many fur babies in my life - the love they give is enormous.

What makes me hurt, is when they're in pain - even more so??  When I don't know they are. 

We have spent - more money than I care to count - on these two girls.  Between Grooming, every 6-8 weeks and vet visits (their annual appointments once a year), licensing, and the occasional emergency, or unforeseen vet visit (Dexy's teeth, or Pixie's Eye {or lyme disease}) ... they have, over the years, cost us as much - if not more - than having a child has, and I don't regret a single penny.

They are our babies, our responsibility.   To thank us?  They love us - unconditionally, always.   


Jessi said...

Pets (especially dogs, in my opinion) weasel their way into hearts and make themselves at home in a family. I love that.

Here's to many more years of health for the Mayonimals...

J. Burke said...

Well said. You know that I also feel you on every single thing you've said. I heart you.