Friday, June 25, 2010

Relay For Life ... (updated)

The 2010 Relay for Life is tonight.   18 hours of walking in remembrance, honor, companionship, love and acceptance .. among other things.

I am a little disappointed in the lack of showing with my team from last year - some are on vacation, (scheduled before they knew the dates, and some - scheduled even though they knew the dates ...), some are showing no interest, some are sick, or busy ... I get it, we all have things to do ... however, kicking my bronchitis, sinus infection and double ear infection aside - I am walking tonight.

I am also disappointed that I didn't reach my personal fundraising goal, and know it's my own fault, I did nothing - or next to nothing - to bring to people's attention what I was doing, and why.  Next year, will be different.   Next Year - I will plan ahead, As in - Start planning for it - Tomorrow.

This year, Tonight, I am walking to honor those survivors, and remember those lost.   I am walking for myself, for Emily, for those that cannot walk, and for those that are walking with me.

If you'd like to help, and haven't - here's my team link - well, my personal link, I've dropped my personal goal from 500 to 250, I know the economy is tough right now, and I know people are having a rough time.  We are too.  I appreciate anything, and everything - people can do for this cause.


I made it 16 hours, 130 laps {roughly 32 Miles} (before I stopped counting) with minimal breaks, lots of water, lots of support and a great friend by my side.

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