Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm siiiiick ...

Back in the 90s (wow, does that sound weird to say) there used to be some shows that were considered "family shows" - and EVERY Friday night, they were aired on prime time TV - this was called "TGIF" - I'm sure, you my faithful readers remember it well.

It went through some changes, new line ups, new times, new characters, new shows ... but all in all, it was a good wholesome time to watch TV with your kids - before watching TV became the devil (this blog does have a point - let me get to it ...) One of these shows was the bane of my existence from it's inception, until they finally - mercifully - cancelled it - and then even after, in the land of re-runs.  I am talking about - of course -  "Full House".   

I'm probably alone in my opinion of this dreadful show, however, I stand by it - and it has not changed ... Not when they gave Kimmie Gibler more air time, not when they introduced Gia, not when they gave DJ a boyfriend named Steve ... not even when Darling Uncle Jesse caught himself a girlfriend, and subsequent wife, in Danny's co-host Rebecca, or for that matter when they had twins, or when Danny finally landed himself a new girlfriend in his SECOND co-host Vicki.  (ask me why I remember these inane details ... my sister, the younger one, used to torture me - daily - with this damn show.   Reruns, new episodes, quoting lines "you got it duuuuude" .... etc) at any rate, I loathe this show - to this day.

There was one episode where DJ didn't want to go to school - I can't recall what was so bad at school that day that she decided to skip - and lie about it.   Uncle Jesse (you remember, the COOOOOOL uncle) taught her his tricks to "fake sick" .. stick the thermometer into a baked potato, (on a lamp would make it too hot to fast, and you'd be sure to be busted) ... drop your voice an octave and drop your head to the side a bit, and down towards to floor and say "I'm Siiiiick" (he even specified, not that's with FIVE I's) .. among other tidbits.

Why, then, if I loathe this show so much am I spending so much time and energy writing a blog about it?  Simple, it's not really about it ... and by now, I've actually reached the "important" part.

See, I'm Siiiiick ... no, not the Uncle Jesse/DJ fake sick (but I so stole his spelling of it) ... but seriously sick enough where I've actually taken myself to the doctor, and then taken a day off ... which I NEVER do.  Ever.  After waiting 40 minutes to see a doctor, I was finally diagnosed.   Double Ear Infection, Sinus Infection and Bronchitis ... awesome.

Apparently, when I get sick, I really GET SICK.  Of course, I suppose, if I went to the doctor when I started feeling crummy, I wouldn't be as sick later on, right?

Meh, I'll get over it ... I have antibiotics and a prescription cough medicine now ... should be better in a few days - right?   I hope so!

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J. Burke said...

About time you went to the doctor. As for the show, never liked it.