Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Love ... in 40 Questions

1. Are you in love?
Very much so

2. What is this person’s name?

Michael Joseph Mayo, Jr

3. How long have you known this person?

quite a few years .. we've been together 12 - if that helps

4. What first attracted you to this person?

His eyes

5. Who approached who first?

I approached him

6. How long did you know this person before you were “in love”?

Hmm. it wasn't long.

7. Are you married to this person now?
Yes, Yes I am

8. What physical attribute are you most attracted to on this person?
His eyes

 9. What physical attribute on this person do you find least attractive?
His teeth (shhh)

 10. If you could change one thing about this person, what would it be?
His temper!

 11. I love when this person…
is just .. silly

 12. I hate when this person…

 13. Have you ever cheated on this person?

 14. Has this person ever cheated on you?
Never.  He's still alive

 15. Do you have any children with this person?


16. Who is the most dominate in this relationship?

We share that

17. Do you argue much?
Hahahahhaaa   is the sky blue?

18. If so, who apologizes first?

19. Which of you is the slob?
He is.

 20. Which of you is the smartest?
I am

 21. Which of you is the breadwinner?
He is  *sigh*

 22. Which of you is the most romantic?
We both are

 23. Which of you would be most likely to ask for a breakup/divorce?
neither of us

 24. What is this person’s favorite color?

 25. What is this person’s favorite number?
Good question  I'll ask.   "Umm I Don't Know??"

26. What is this person’s favorite food?
All of it.   No, just kidding.  That's me.  

His is beef.

 27. What is this person’s favorite thing to do?
 Go out on the Boat

28. What is this person’s favorite restaurant?

His Imaginary One that he's building 

29. Is this person allergic to anything?

30. Have you and this person ever broken up?
Yep.  One time.  Sort of.

 31. Do you think that you and this person spend enough time together?
OMG anymore and one of us would be dead

 32. When you are not together, who misses who the most?

I miss him more  ;)   Nah .. I think that's even.

33. Which of you would be considered the better “catch”?
Me :) ,, duh what a question!!

34. Which of you is more outgoing?
Me.  He is soooo not social

35. Which of you is more organized?

36. Which of you is the better “homemaker”?
Him.  I don't cook

37. Do you see yourself with this person in 20 yrs.?

 38. What about you do you think this person is most attracted to?

39. If this person could change one thing about you, what would it be?
Temper and My Snarky Mouth

 40. Here is you opportunity to tell this person how you feel about them…
Thank you, but - I don't need it.  I tell him every day

<3 ... Not our greatest capture, but the most recent ... <3

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Love this. I just may have to steal it!