Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New ... Challenge

I refuse to make resolutions in January, mostly because I'm a rebel, and stubborn and I generally don't like being told what to do - and when.  I make my own rules, thank you!  (snarky right?  I know!)    

So instead, I set challenges for myself.  And I don't mean your normal resolution type challenges.   Last year, I set a goal to read 52 books.   I read fast, like obscenely fast - during the Summer months I seem to devour books at an alarming rate.   I set a challenge for myself to slow down, and appreciate that which I am consuming.  I did it.  (The list and summary post for a few of my favorites will be up and updated really soon)  I read more than 52, but not much more.   I enjoy reading.   I Live to Read.  I Love Books.   This year, for 2012, I'm raising the stakes.

My challenge this year?   To read 365 different books with Emily.   One book per night (we generally do anyway, but this way, we make sure we set the time aside) - or if she falls asleep early, is sent to bed early for whatever, or we're out somewhere and I can't get the few minutes to read a book, we will catch up the next available night.  So far, we've read 2.   Just about on track, she had a really bad night last night, and had to go to bed early - with no story. (harder for me than it was for her)

I let her pick the books, and I'm keeping a list to make sure we don't repeat books.   My goal, with this, is to share my love of reading - help Emily learn to read, and expose her to new books she may never have shown an interest in - because they don't involve Barbie, Tinkerbell or any of the Disney Princesses.   She has an impressive collection, spanning two floors of our house - in three rooms even.  (our bedroom, her bedroom and her playroom - not to mention the books that are strewn about the house)

The first 2 books she chose, had to do with Easter.  My dear child ... has no sense of a calendar (also something we're working on)  

At this time - Emily knows how to read & spell 12 sight words (as well as a few other everyday words) ... so we're working on making sure she remembers the words she's learned during the week (four at a time) .. we allow her to "help" us read stories to her, and she points out her "Sight Words" ... such a school phrase :)

She recites her phone number, her address, her school name, her teachers, her dance studio, teachers there, her class mates, ETC.  She is beyond smart, and growing so fast, it kills me.  Since I know I can't stop it - I have to embrace it.   And I need to repeat that to myself, at least once a day.

Emily LOVES to read.   Loves book, and loves math.   The books and reading - all me.  The math?  No one knows where THAT came from!!

I also hope to complete the challenge of blogging, at least once a week, to start ;) ... hopefully, more.  I love to write, and I love to write about experiences I've had, or thoughts in my head, or any of the numerous things about me there are out there.   Maybe it'll be just a meme or two, maybe it'll be a review of a book, or movie, or combination of the two.

Maybe, it'll be a scathing letter to LaZBoy Furniture ... we'll see how the next few weeks turns out for that one.

For now?   Reading 365 Stories and blogging at least 52 times this year seems like the place to start.

Besides, if Emily goes the way she's going?  We'll have to lock the books up at bedtime, papercuts to the hands and face are a distinct possibility with this kid.

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Who falls asleep like this??  An Avid Reader 


Jessi said...

I love that idea; sharing your love of books with Em. I especially love the idea of blogging at least once per week. I'm stealing that one.

Amy said...

I figure if I can give her nothing else, a love of books is a wonderful jumping off point. (she's stubborn like her mama and refuses to listen to or learn any OTHER lesson set forth .. so .. this'll do for now)

steal away!! :)