Monday, December 19, 2011

Fleas On My Dog ....

I won't rehash for you my disdain for this time of year.  It's rather obvious how I feel about it, and how I've (as long as I can remember) felt about it.

Trying to fake cheer, and teach a 4 yr old that it's not about what is or isn't under the tree, or magically delivered by a Fat Man in a Red Suit, that it's about love, and spending it with those you love (and trying to "miniature down" the story of Jesus - and the like - to a 4yr olds understanding {particularly when that four year old appears smarter than you at most times}) .. is no easy feat in and of itself - but especially when you're not sure what it's about any more either.    So, instead of rehashing all of that nonsense (though it appears as if I just gave that abridged version more attention than I feel it deserves) ... allow me to replay for you, some of my favorite "Holiday Moments"

My daughter, the little savant, has taken control of any and all radios in the immediate vicinity - and they must all play Christmas Music -- AT ALL TIMES .. while she's awake and aware that is. ;)     The radio in the truck (the van died .. the day before Thanksgiving, leaving me, stranded on the side of Route 125, in the Rain - alone - with a broken cell phone ... another story, for another day)  has a crappy radio system in it.  The speakers are not that old nor expensive, but I'm guessing were never installed quite properly (sorry hubz) and thus, they are blown already ... is tuned into and stuck on 94.9 WHOM .. who plays Christmas Music - 24 hours a day, from November First Through December 26th ... Awesome for me.

Emily's favorite song (of the moment) is "Jingle Bell Rock" . which she "insists on singing alone" even though she only knows six lyrics.   Her second favorite - is "Feliz Navidad"  ... now, last year, when my little Elfkin sang this song it sounded .. not quite right .. instead of "Feliz Navidad" it came across as "Fleas on My Dog" .. which of course, brought me an incredible of amusement - then - and even now, when I remind her of her musical blunders of years past .. at first, she'd giggle, and say something like "Silly Emi!!"  now it's .. "ECK MOM!!  It's Feleeeez NaviDAH!"  with a head tilt and roll of her gorgeous blue eyes, fitting of a 14 year old.

When reading that sentence from Emily - think this scene in Harry Potter & The Sorcerers Stone:
Ron: Wingardium Leviosar!
Hermione:  Stop, stop, stop!  You're going to take someone's eye out.  Besides, you're saying it wrong.  It's LeviOsa, not LeviosAR!
In Emily's 4 1/2 years of existence, people in costume have given her issue.   Santa, the Easter Bunny, Chuck E. Cheese .. etc there was one Santa she was okay with - last year, and the year before, and that was it - the Wal-Greens Santa - a young kid, who hardly spoke -- he was her favorite.   Until we met the Santa at DeMeritt Hill Farm in Lee, NH, and even then - she was ... iffy.   She'd talk to him, from behind my legs, and take a photo, with Mike and I, while one of us were holding her.   This year, she stood with him.   This year, she practically dragged me down the "hallway" at the local Mall, to see Santa before his "hours were up" (the hours he's there end at 8pm Until Christmas Eve) .. the excitement bursting through her like candy from a pinata.   She opted to stand with him, instead of sitting on his lap, understandable, and sooo freakin' cute.   She introduced herself, shook his hand, and proceeded to tell him about her "Elf" Elizabeth.   Without explaining who she was, she said "I know, I'm being good, I promise - Elizabeth is watching" ... no hesitation, no confusion the reply she received - astounded her.  "Ah, yes, Elizabeth - your elf,  I know her well - we have discussed you every night since she arrived at your house.  you're doing much better!!"


This year, we also received a letter from Santa (We visited Santa's Village in Jefferson NH earlier this summer and it's a service they offer) ... which mentioned her favorite ride of the day, a few things she asked for and her bestie, Mallory.  AND A Personal Video from the Portable North Pole in an email directly from Santa to Emily (I'll have to upload the pictures of her face when she saw it.   She was ... beyond excited)  

The only thing missing - besides a Drama Free Holiday - is snow.   Emily has been begging to make a snowman, to throw snowballs at daddy, go sledding, play outside until her nose and cheeks hurt, and come in to hot chocolate and fresh baked cookies ... Except.  Mother Nature, is apparently angry that we purchased a Boat, and not some snowmobiles ... she'll survive.

Saturday Morning --- it started to flurry ... This was Her Response:


It didn't amount to anything, and the day warmed up .. but .. she was dancing and jumping as if it were the Blizzard of '78.

Oh to have that Magic Feeling for this time of year Again 

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